A house in fall colours by Pixers

Cozy, warm colours

A house in fall colours by Pixers.

Autumn, also known as fall in American and Canadian English, is one of the four temperate seasons. This runs from September to December and is one of the favourite seasons of those who prefer the coziness of their homes.

This will soon be upon us when potentially the weather is not conducive to going out and spending free time outdoors, and the couch in the living room invites us to sit back and relax with a cup of warming tea.

This is a time when we can spend time at home without any remorse and pity, discovering its advantages again. Prepare your interior for the new season and create a homemade fall spa for the soul and body!

Our friends at Pixers have developed a beautiful range of Autumn murals to enchant your homes.

The change of seasons is an extremely beautiful phenomenon, which is why nature dictates trends in the fall. Leaves take on the colour of gold and red, covering pavements and alleys with colour, and the Indian summer shimmers in the sun, announcing the arrival of coolness. Orange pumpkins and tasty eggplant proudly ripple on the shelves, reminding us that it is time to pull out sweaters and warmer shoes. The sky in shades of cold blue and gray promises rain and joins the autumn colour palette.

The interior in autumn colours is warm and cozy, and that is what we need! Additions and elements transferred directly from nature, such as a wall mural with a view of the forest or mountains, disenchant the aura that prevails outside, introducing harmony and peace.

This fall put on colours that will improve your mood. Get inspired by the nature that surrounds you, and you will not run out of energy, even on the most gloomy and rainy days!

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Poppy Watt