Home golf storage for all the family

Smart storage for your home.

Home golf storage for all the family

A new golf equipment storage rack has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK that the manufacturer claims will “keep your golf equipment out of the way, your partner happy and your friends jealous!”
Storing golf equipment at home can be a challenge. The garage floor is already full, you don’t really want golf clubs in the lounge and the airing cupboard is full of towels!
One of the most under-utilised and empty spaces in most homes are the walls. GearHooks®, a new UK based design, and manufacturing company, have developed a hook and rail system to store sports, leisure and hobby equipment in just 1 Metre of wall space. The GearHooks® Golf Rack is a 1M long, powder coated steel rail fitted with the users choice of hooks that will take up to 5 golf bags and trolleys, separate golf clubs, shoes, clothing and lots more.
Storing things on the wall doesn’t just save a huge amount of space. It is drier than the floor and it keeps things out of harm’s way. The hooks and rail look good enough to install in an ‘urban loft’, office or apartment so you can make a ‘wall-art’ feature out of your golfing gear but they are also tough enough for a shed or garage.
Each GearHooks® storage rack is based around a rolled steel rail that is galvanised and powder coated to stop corrosion and make it look great. It is available in a choice of 8 colours including red, blue, yellow and black. Fitting the rail to a wall just needs 3 holes and takes about 10 minutes.
Specially designed steel hooks with a rubber coating, for whatever you want to store, can be fitted to the rail in seconds, without drilling any more holes. You can fit as many hooks as you need, that are all the same, or all different. You could, for instance, store 2 golf bags, 2 trolleys, 20 golf clubs, 2 pairs of shoes and a clothes rail all on one rack.
If you are an Action Man or a Wonder Woman, you could store a bike, a pair of skis, a golf bag, fishing rod and a guitar all on the same rail. Once your choice of hooks are fitted and bolted up, it’s like having a custom made, welded rack to your specifications.
Individual hooks start at just over £5 and a rail plus hooks for up to 5 golf bags and trolleys is around £45, so it’s not an expensive solution.
Luis Prtak, the designer of the system and founder of GearHooks explains “Lots of people play golf and spend huge amounts of money on their golfing gear.  A couple might have two bags, two trolleys, golf clothes and all the bits and bobs that go with it. That’s a lot of gear to store”.
He goes on to explain “With the weather we get in the UK, golf gear often ends up sopping wet at the end of the day. Chucking it all on the garage floor isn’t the best way to look after it. A GearHooks® Golf Rack allows you to keep all your golfing gear off the floor where it’s clean and dry and out of the way. You can even rack-up all your clubs so they can be cleaned and then put away to dry. They look great too”.
The GearHooks® range currently includes racks and specially designed hooks for golf bags, trolleys and golf equipment as well as road bikes, mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, skateboards, climbing gear, fishing rods and guitars. New versions are in the pipeline for watersports and scuba gear, surfboards and kayaks, gardening and DIY gear and quite a lot more. Each one comes with full instructions, UK support and a lifetime guarantee.

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