Furniture That Feels Like The Forest

 Belokan Rustic Coffee Table

Furniture That Feels Like The Forest

When Jimmy Ioannou founded Puji in 2004, his journey in creating spectacular, eco-friendly furniture began. 13 years later, the company has grown into one of the UK's leading independent furniture retailers, yet the ethos and drive remain the same.

Purchasing any of these items from Puji's furniture range is a guilt-free experience – recycling wood rather than chopping down trees helps preserve the environment. There is also a surprising health benefit, as science shows that natural scenes within the home help to reduce stress and boost positive thoughts. BetterHelp can also assist with ongoing stress if your environment alone does not suffice. 

Using reclaimed teak wood, the products are hand-crafted by local artisans in their Indonesian workshops, and the end result is bespoke, limited-edition designs that bring a natural ambiance into the home environment.

For each room of the house, there are beautiful items to be found, which are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Living Space

The Belokan Rustic Coffee Table is a feature piece in the living room collection. Curvaceous, twisted and mysterious, it has been carved from the teak root into a stunning product. A definite head-turner, and functional coffee table to host any family or friends who visit. The simple, yet elegant glass tabletop can be lifted off for easy cleaning. 

Dining Room

To give the dining area a unique appearance, the Reclaimed Teak Hanging Wine Rack adds character and warmth to the room design. Aged reclaimed teak wood, combined with iron bottle fittings, provides a rustic accessory that can hold up to 8 bottles of wine at a time. As each item is individually hand-made, it can be guaranteed that every piece is unique. 

Office Furniture

Natural, earthy products that bring the forest into the home, Decorative Teak Pots give extra storage options and can also be used to hold plants or dried grasses. To preserve the valuable teak plantations in Indonesia, reclaimed wood is again used to construct these items. You can almost feel the history in each piece of timber! 

Hallway Features

An amazing table that could adorn a hallway or an office. The Maisarah Carved Teak Console is a truly inspiring and durable item that will last for many years to come. The perfect antidote to bland, flatpack furniture, it is a quality and ethically manufactured limited-edition product. The flat, varnished tabletop is ideal for displaying photos, ornaments, or even a subtle table lamp. 

Poppy Watt