Freely accessorised kitchen and living room walls

Modular painted metal wall paneling

Freely accessorised kitchen and living room walls

If you are looking for a sleek new look for one of the rooms in your home we may have found an inspiring new concept.

Caddy is the new system of modular painted metal wall panelling. This is available in various sizes, which can be put together according to an offset pattern for a particularly elegant and effective styling result, creating your own bespoke aesthetic and functional new compositions.  

The wall panelling, is sold in basic kits in several sizes and in six different colours (white, black, graphite, titanium, embossed copper and embossed brass), also envisages versions with mirror modules and/or with LED-lit modules.

Caddy is a wall which can be accessorised in a personal and creative way with dedicated magnetic accessories for various types of setting, such as the living room, the kitchen, the entrance hall, headboards for the bedroom, and it can also be used for bar and restaurant areas. It consists of storage units and shelves of various sizes (with a capacity of up to 10 kg), which can be configured differently and can also be designed as plant-pots to create "vertical green" walls as well.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to start creating…

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Poppy Watt