Fabulous Fades With COLOUR_STORIES

COLOUR_STORIES; rugs with delicately graduating colour schemes.

FLOOR_STORY and Trifle* Celebrate Fabulous Fades With COLOUR_STORIES

FLOOR_STORY is a maker of beautiful rugs, with an eye on craft and unique design. Famed for their Designer Collections they translate signature styles into beautiful hand-crafted works.

Trifle* is a leading commercial interior design agency, specialising in bespoke workspaces for companies and brands. 

Working in tandem with one another they have launched COLOUR_STORIES; rugs with delicately graduating colour schemes.

COLOUR_STORIES is made up of six different fades, each inspired by East London's landscape with Arnold Circus, Bethnal Green, Columbia Road, London Fields Lido, and Towpath. Celebrating the capital's vibrant outdoor life, COLOUR_STORIES are hand-tufted, or hand knotted using an intricate technique that FLOOR_STORY and its weavers have worked hard to perfect.

First off, wool or silk is carefully hand-dyed in up to 40 shades of the same colour for a smooth transition from light to dark, once all colours are lined up in order, each is mixed to the next for a gradual merging. Once the yarn has been mixed it's then ready for hand-knotting or hand-tufting, once again following a pre-determined pattern that ensures the best graduation across the rug. With COLOUR_STORIES featuring up to 120 different shades, this precise and methodical method is the only way to prevent bands of colour; the result is perfect graduations that upholds trifle's original ethos. 

Emma Morley, founder, and director, trifle*, explains more:
“We've collaborated with FLOOR_STORY on several commercial interior projects and when they approached us to operate as colour consultant on a new collection, we jumped at the chance. trifle's mission is to make work life better and one of the ways we do this is through using colour. Humans innately crave to be near nature, even in the city.  Bringing the positivity of the outdoors into workspaces through anchor colours inspired by the natural world, and using a subtle brand palette, our interiors support the well-being and productivity of staff. 
“For COLOUR_STORIES, we loved the idea that a feature rug inspired by nature could bring the outdoors in, working as a dramatic addition to a core scheme in homes and businesses. From our east London studio's roof terrace, we've fantastic views across the city and explored how the skies change through the seasons. These are the colours that inspire us, and we want to bring them in to our workspace designs; nature energises and it heals.”
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Poppy Watt