Dress your home in fashion /Trends

Animal Patterns

Dress your home in fashion /Trends 

Emotions after Fashion Weeks have now subsided and we already know what we will be wearing in the 2019 spring/summer season. Let's see how we can dress our homes to be fashionable, like our wardrobe and comfortable, like a favourite tracksuit.

It turns out that fashion shows can be very inspiring. From scenography, lights, and music, to the stars of the evening, meaning the creations. Of course, not everything that appears on the catwalks can be used indoors. Bags, shoes and other accessories, as well as the cuts themselves, will not find an obvious application in our homes - unless the designers decide to surprise us with the shapes of vases and sculptures. Let’s focus on the fabrics and the most frequently appearing patterns.

Sketches, graffiti, and bold colours

Several shows showed street art, sketches and graffiti, as well as paper dolls that put on flashy, cardboard creations. Two collections by Jeremy Scott are particularly noteworthy: for his own brand signed with his name and for the Moschino fashion house. In the brave version, it is possible, without a doubt, to easily borrow the unusual colours of the Moschino show, moving it straight to the house. Showy pink and saturated yellow and juicy orange contrast beautifully with snow white and deep black.

If the colours are too intense for us, we can reserve expressive colors for accessories or limit ourselves to the classic, monochromatic palette, meaning black and white. In each edition, the effect will be stunning.

Animal patterns

Zebras, tigers, and panthers in the colors of earth and pastels dominated the show of Roberto Cavalli, known for his wild motifs and inspiration. In the interiors they can be toned down by choosing warm, climate accessories from wicker and rattan, and natural, soft fabrics such as linen tablecloths, cotton pillows (the more, the better) and woolen blankets.

Interesting proposals are tiger stripes and XXL leopard spots - on the one hand, they are really bold, on the other they have something classic about them.

New maximalism

Dolce & Gabbana have been in the Sicilian sphere of fashion influence for several years, but this time instead of sun-ripened orange and marine motifs, they focused on black and designs that look really chic in combination with it.

Dark fabrics provide a perfect background and an interesting contrast for white sweet peas and vivid colours of lush plants. D&G’s maximalism of will work in the bedroom and living room, and also on ceramics in the kitchen and bathroom. Depending on what effect we want to achieve, we can opt for total madness, choosing large, expressive accessories such as fancy vases and light fixtures or, discreet accessories in a more affordable version, minimalistic in form.

Garden party

A little vintage, a bit romantic – in this way the upcoming fashion for patterns such as tablecloths and old wallpaper can be summed up. Smaller and larger spring flowers in pastel, slightly dusty colors were presented by models at shows by Erd and Richard Quinn. The trend is graceful, not only in spring.

It doesn’t matter if we like shabby chic or we feel closer to modern style. Delicate floral motifs will work in any interior - from the kitchen, through the hallways, to the living room and bedroom.


The marbled pattern presented on the bags and accessories has become chicer when it appeared on the catwalks during this year's Fashion Weeks. Lightly washed colours, especially shades of blue and sea green, fit into any bedroom and living room, especially in combination with simple, wooden furniture. Lovers of Scandinavian style, this is something for you!

The popularity of the tie-dye technique is also good news for DIY enthusiasts because it has a lot to do with DIY. As far as wallpapers with the so-called motif of uneven painting which we will not do ourselves, we can make pillows, blankets and various types of textile accessories at home, using simple, inexpensive methods.