Desert Inspired Decor

Desert Inspired Decor

Desert Inspired Decor

Deserts have long aroused the curiosity of artists and designers. In their size and intensity, they test the limits of the imagination, stretching endlessly between horizons. A mix of earthy hues and patterned tiles, this desert-inspired decor is a great way to add warmth and tactility to contemporary homes.  It can be as pared back or embellished as you like and is one of the major trends to watch for 2020. 

Tan Leather

Tan leather furniture is a great starting point for any desert-inspired theme. Its warm grains have a rustic elegance that echoes the rich simplicity of these arid landscapes. When it comes to lounging, look for casual silhouettes that can be paired with fluffy textiles and cowhide prints. Artfully draped leather seats are another way to really nail this look with Cuero's Butterfly and Poltrona Frau's Ming Heart Armchair leading the way in the style stakes. 

Distressed finishes

Distressed finishes really help to bring the outdoors in. Whether it's an oxidised coffee table or an Eames Fiberglass Chair, there's a sense of connection to the elements, as if they have been finished by Mother Nature herself. As well as adding texture, many promise to patina beautifully with time, creating a design that is utterly unique. Leather, copper and burnished brasses are perhaps some of the best-known materials for achieving this look and can be found through desert-inspired decor. 

Earthy Hues

Have you ever been on holiday and wished you could bring a little piece of it back with you? Ranging from terracotta to burnt orange, these vibrant desert hues promise to do just that. An evolution of traditional boho style, it's a palette that works well all-year-round, really coming to the fore in the cold winter months. For a truly authentic take, we love Moooi's hand-glazed Obon Low Tables. If it's the comfort you're after, look no further than Ligne Roset's Togo or Ottoman sofas, upholstered in curry or cadmium orange.

Funky Tiles

The preference for funky tiles and mosaics can be traced back to the desert-lined nations of the Middle East. Their perfect geometries are an amazing way to experiment with pattern and colour, bringing a sense of fun to contemporary interiors. Standouts include Paola Lenti's Cocci and Sciara Side Tables which can be used indoors or out. We also love B&B Italia's Canasta and Mirto Lava Stone collections, the latter of which features recycled tiles in a beautiful Sicilian lace pattern. 

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Poppy Watt