Decorations from Historic Royal Palaces

Royal red wellington boots glass hanging decoration

Beautiful baubles and delightful decorations from Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces have a wide range of Christmas decorations from beautiful baubles, inspired by the palaces in their care to delicate embroidered felt figures that could be used all year round. Traditional decorations in all colours from red and green to on-trend purple, including hand blown glass, bone china, decoupage, ceramic and metal are available including a selection of stars, a handful of hearts and collection of crowns. 

Figures and characters from corgis to ravens and queens to suffragettes make shopping for decorations a unique delight.

All items available at and in selected palaces gift shops.

Hand Blown Glass, Metal

Royal red wellington boots glass hanging decoration

These shiny red hand blown glass wellies feature a tiny gold crown and are ideal for any gardener's festive decorations.  Price: £19.99

Chapel Royal glass tree decoration

Inspired by the magnificent ceiling of the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace. The ceiling was built by Henry VIII and is a grand culmination of the Tudor interiors at Hampton Court Palace. Each ornament has been blown by mouth from glass and is beautifully hand decorated with a thin layer of silver added to the inside. Price: £17.99

Queen Elizabeth II glass decoration

This beautifully hand-made profile of HM Queen Elizabeth II is decorated with delicate Swarovski Crystals on her crown. Available in several colours including blue, red and white. Price: £45.00

Tower of London red suitcase glass hanging decoration

This fun vintage style, red suitcase glass ornament is decorated with a hand-painted image of the Tower of London, a perfect gift for globetrotters.  Price: £24.99

Metal astronomical clock decoration

Exclusively designed for Historic Royal Palaces this metal hanging decoration is hand finished, complete with a gold Historic Royal Palaces ribbon. Inspired by the astronomical clock at Hampton Court Palace, this hanging decoration provides an accurate representation of the clock’s dials and features all of the signs of the zodiac.  Price: £6.99

Hampton Court Palace heart decoration

This metal tree decoration has lots of wonderful details from Hampton Court Palace, including illustrations of the gardens, maze, astronomical clock and the beautiful Tudor palace itself. Each decoration is individually cut by hand, the stencils are hand-laid and the edges are gilt by hand, making each decoration different and unique. A pretty satin ribbon completes this tree decoration making it the perfect memento from the palace. Price: £6.99

Bone China, Decoupage and Ceramics

Royal Victoria bone china ceramic decoration

Exclusively designed by Historic Royal Palaces, this luxury hanging decoration is inspired by Queen Victoria's Honiton lace wedding flounce, part of the current Victoria Revealed exhibition at Kensington Palace. This beautiful decoration has been thoughtfully designed to include detail from the small diamond crown, which was commissioned especially for Queen Victoria. Price: £45.00

Royal Palace Crest fine bone china bauble

This beautiful fine bone china bauble features a Palace Crest design exclusively designed for Historic Royal Palaces and celebrates the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Each piece is skillfully finished in 22-carat gold.    Price: £55.00

Kensington Palace gates ceramic bauble

Inspired by the golden gates of Kensington Palace, this fine bone china ornament is made in the UK by Halcyon Days.  Price: £40.00

Kensington Palace vintage decoupage bauble

Inspired by the 18thcentury print of Kensington Palace and its gardens, from the Historic Royal Palaces archive. This vintage style bauble is the perfect tree decoration and a wonderful memento of Kensington Palace. Price: £4.9.


Royal Victoria teacup decoration

The Royal Victoria fine bone china teacup has inspired this quirky hanging decoration. The Royal Victoria collection has been exclusively designed for Historic Royal Palaces and takes details from the most iconic parts of Queen Victoria’s life, including Kensington Palace and her favourite small diamond crown now held with the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London.  Price: £17.99

Votes for women suffragette decoration

With 2018 being the centenary of women being given the right to vote, this handmade decoration is *ethically sourced from a charity in Thailand that supports disadvantaged women.  Price: £12.99

*(Please note that the next 2 decorations are from the same charity source).

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert tree decorations

These delicate Queen Victoria and Prince Albert decorations are double-sided and beautifully handmade. Inspired by portraits of Queen Victoria in the first years of her reign, shown here dressed in delicate lace. Devoted husband to Queen Victoria, our handmade Albert ornament shows the young Prince in rich red uniform complete with golden sword, royal sash, and Star of the Garter.  Price:  £10.99 each

Corgi with crown tree decoration

Exclusive to Historic Royal Palaces, A great companion to any monarch this cute corgi in the same style as his owners above. Price: £10.99

Stars, Hearts, and Crowns

Platinum tasselled star luxury embroidered hanging decoration

This beautifully embroidered Silver Star decoration with glamorous beaded tassel will add a touch of royal luxury to your tree. Handmade using traditional metal thread embroidery techniques and embellished with beads and glass pearls.  Price: £12.99

Queen Victoria's crown luxury embroidered hanging decoration

Inspired by Queen Victoria's favoured diamond crown, this beautiful padded fabric decoration is hand embroidered with silver metal threads using traditional threadwork techniques used to create royal finery and court fashions for centuries. Price: £12.99

Platinum heart luxury embroidered hanging decoration

This hanging heart shaped decoration is hand embellished with lavish beading; sequins and traditional metal thread embroidery. Price: £12.99

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