Back to school: llamas and unicorns rule!

Llamas and unicorns both have therapeutic properties.

Back to school: llamas and unicorns rule!

Llamas and unicorns, one exists, the second has for several seasons been trying to prove that it is not mythical at all because of the decorations, clothes, and accessories with their likeness. Equally charming and carefree, they are fighting for attention and popularity not only on Pinterest and Instagram. These lovable creatures are the perfect motif for a toddler, preschooler and teenager's room.

Let us assume that both llamas and unicorns exist and belong to one animal kingdom. Ungulates, herbivorous mammals. Both kids and adults love them. Do they have any connections? A nice disposition, a fairytale look, and an amazing aura. These little critters put a smile on our faces and give off positive energy that allows children to develop their imagination. At Pixers, you'll find thousands of them. Who wouldn’t want to have one in their own room?

Recently, it's the llamas that are at the forefront of the Pinterest search engine. It turns out that during the year the number of searches for "llama decor" has increased by 1.094%. Despite this, magical unicorns are not giving up and galloping just behind them. Therefore, just like in a fairy tale, there is always a happy ending and everyone wins llamas, unicorns and our kids, who can choose from millions of patterns and products embellished with the likeness of a horse with a horn or a camel without a hump.

Llamas and unicorns both have therapeutic properties. They can boost your mood by several hundred percent, they are relaxed and fun, they don’t take each other or the world too seriously are able to play various roles like our kids. That's why any child can find their own version of a llama and a unicorn.

Younger children will be delighted with decorations with a chubby, charming unicorn with a shiny look or a small, fluffy llama that they want to hug. To avoid making the décor look overly kitschy, stickers and wallpapers in abstract, colorful patterns that stimulate the imagination can be added.

For older people, posters with funny and motivating phrases - trendy, with a grain of salt, just right so as not to be too childish will be ideal. The new school year is coming upon us and the secondary school will appear in notebooks instead of the primary.

Unicorns are not only pink and glitter, they are also a dignified animal from the fantasy world. In addition to pastel decorations, which may not seem serious enough to teenagers, there are also patterns in a fresh, younger version.

Which motif will your child love? Choose together! It's great fun and incredible satisfaction.

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Poppy Watt