Keeping It Simple
Face Boutique
Having two teenage children of my own I know all about the skin problems young people have to go
A Period of Relief
Mia Klitsas
“Snappy” is an understatement of huge proportion when it comes to me and my monthly cycle.
The Yummiest Mummy of them all….
Jude Katz
b { font-weight: bold; color: #6d6266; } Jude (29) from Henley-on-Thames, was found after
The New Face of Imedeen Prime Renewal
The Three Finalists
Fifty-one year old Oonagh Wohanka from London was nominated by her daughter, Alexandra, who
Dyeing For A Change
Sandy Spencer
Dyeing your hair is always a very tricky thing to do. Get it right and it’s often fabulous; get
Barefoot Botanicals
Moisturising Bath Oil
Bearing in mind that I am approached by companies on a daily basis to try out their products, I
A Barefoot Pioneer
Hilery Dorrian
When Hilery Dorrian, co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals, discovered that her daughter had
An Aura That Matters
Pranic Healing is a highly developed system of energy dispersion based healing techniques to
Keeping The Lines At Bay
The menopause is a big thing in a woman’s life.  It’s natural and inevitable. We
Ten Tips For Keeping Young
Gwyneth Davies
Even if you were fortunate enough to be born with great genes, skin ageing catches up with us all