Fat is the New Average that Takes Years off your Life
Do you know if you're Overweight?
A YouGov poll of 2,000 adults, carried out with Slimming World, found three in four obese people
A Weighty Topic
Obesity leads to many other problems
They say you should never judge a book by its cover and that true beauty stems from within. I’m
Breast Cancer Feel the Difference & Survive
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Image
Checking your own breasts for changes in looks and feel should be a routine exercise. We should
Glenda Taylor – Scent for Success
Our world contains millions of smells. Humans can detect over 10,000 different smells, whilst as
The Anti Aging Store
The Anti Aging Store - Helping You Stay Beautiful
Slowing down the aging process is every woman’s dream; having no inclination to go under the
Kirstie Allen - Pinks Boutique
Kirstie Allen - Founder of Pinks Boutique
Anyone who thinks that the profession of a beauty therapist has no depth needs to be reminded that
Physicians Want Smoking Ban in Cars
Common Sense or Nanny State?
If you imagined that gone are the days when parents happily lit up a cigarette over their children
Fraxel Treatment
EF Medispa - Experts In Fraxel Treatment
We women have a tough lot in life. We are judged so much more on how we look with sections of the
Pippa Hebhen – Incoco Nails
Pippa Hebhen
The Chinese invented nail polish over 3000 years ago and by 600 B.C. the royal colours in China
Women have more Orgasms with Richer Men?
Necklace Present
When it comes to sex women have long been told that size doesn’t matter but now it seems that it