Woohoo! Takes the Boo-hoo out of Ooh-Ooh

Woohoo Lube

OK so this is a subject we never used to talk about and that despite the fact that Up to 60% of women experience the problem. We are talking vaginal dryness, said to affect one in five women between the ages of 18 and 50, and one in two following the menopause, when oestrogen reduction contributes to the problem. Even in a good relationship, the discomfort caused can lead to feelings of isolation and rejection as well as issues with self-esteem.

In recent years our drive to buy more natural and organic skincare products has been on the rise as we have become more knowledgeable about the harm chemicals and parabens can do. However, something not properly publicised is that there are areas of our body, the walls of vagina and anus and the sensitive areas of the penis, which absorb even more chemicals than the rest of our skin – which already absorbs up to 60% of chemicals.

Skincare expert’s woohoo! set about creating an organic, water based, intimate lube giving all the benefits and pleasure of a lubricant without the worry about what might be absorbed into our bodies.

Containing only natural, organic ingredients, woohoo! has been designed to not only improve the nation’s sex lives, but also address the concerns of those worried about the ingredients found in their personal care products. After all why would you consider applying a product to intimate parts of your body without knowing what was in it?

Woohoo! use only certified organic ingredients and has been awarded the prestigious Soil Association certification. It is completely free from parabens, glycerine, glycolis, petrochemicals, perfumes, synthetic colouring or flavourings and is water based and safe to use with condoms, latex and silicone toys.

Woohoo! ’s unique blend of natural ingredients gently releases moisture into the vaginal tissue to rehydrate, soothe and calm the symptoms of vaginal atrophy and can be applied regularly without causing irritation to the skin.

It is silky and glides onto the skin with no stickiness or residue and certainly does have a natural but discreet feel when applied.

So get your bedroom activities back on track with woohoo! now available nationwide in Boots stores and from Boots.com

For more information visit www.woohoolube.co.uk

Poppy Watt


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