Rosacea Awareness Month

The Pevonia’s Ligne Rose range

Rosacea is a serious skin condition that is often misdiagnosed and sometimes called ‘the great pretender’ as the early symptoms can often be confused with acne, mild sensitivity and even sunburn.

Now, however, it's recognised it’s important to recognise both the signs of its development and what steps can be taken to help to control it.

Rosacea mainly affects the face although it can appear on the scalp, neck, chest and back. Initial symptoms can include facial flushing, spots and persistent redness as tiny blood vessels in the skin become more visible. In severe cases, skin around the nose can become very thick and enlarged and the eyes watery and irritated.

Twice as many women as men are affected by this condition but symptoms are generally more severe in males: individuals between the ages of 30-50, with fair skin, blue eyes and from Northern Europe tend to be most at risk.

Exact causes of rosacea are unknown although blame is attributed to both environmental and hereditary factors.

One theory centres on a tiny mite called Demodex Folliculoru, which lives in hair follicles and believed to clog up the oil gland, resulting in the inflammation seen in rosacea.

Another theory involves bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori found in the gut, a bacterium known to stimulate the production of the bradykinin protein, which can cause blood vessels to expand and lead to rosacea.

If left untreated, rosacea symptoms often get worse and become more difficult to treat. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition but there are a wide range of products and treatments available that can help to control the symptoms.

Pevonia’s RS2 skincare line is formulated to address the signs and symptoms of this skin disorder, offering a professional and effective way to control and reduce outbreaks. A patient undergoing regular professional treatments, such as Pevonia’s Rosacea Facial, and supplementing in-spa visits with suitable homecare products should see a significant improvement.

As well as a good home care routine, a lifestyle change is normally necessary, as most sufferers will have a ‘trigger’ that exacerbates the condition. Common rosacea triggers include foods like cheese, chocolate and spices, and beverages, such as red wine, tea and coffee. Weather conditions, such as sun or wind exposure, may also contribute to the worsening of the condition, as can medications, heavy exercise, hot baths, certain cosmetics or skincare products, and emotional stress.

If you think you or someone you know might have rosacea, it’s important to consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Once skin has been medically diagnosed, regular visits to a skin clinic that carries specialist treatments or products for rosacea will be highly beneficial for reducing major symptoms.

Avoid products containing poor ingredients which could actually make things worse; alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin, artificial perfume, artificial fragrance and isopropyl myristate - just a few things that can exacerbate symptoms. Powerful natural ingredients which may help rosacea include green tea which is healing and anti-bacterial, chamomile which has a calming and de-stressing effect on the skin and French Rose essential oil, which calms redness and reduces stress with its light, natural fragrance.

Pevonia have a specialised in-spa facial and four award-winning homecare product to treat this serious condition.

The Pevonia’s Ligne Rose range is specifically formulated with natural ingredients. Each product contains the main ingredients of green tea to heal and desensitise the skin, anti-bacterial Olibanum (Frankincense) to soothe and decongest, and calming French Rose Essential Oil, which has a natural fragrance and canhelp diffuse redness. The range aims to Improve Micro-circulation and help to repair and protect the skin.

RS2 GENTLE CLEANSER – a gentle creamy cleanser that is specifically formulated and tested to be used on any skin with microcirculation problems.This anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant cleanser gently cleanses the skin, leaving it residue free. Also recommended for hypersensitive skin.

RS2 GENTLE LOTION – an important step to prepare the skin for further treatment. Healing, hydrating, desensitising, vaso-constricting and cooling, it can reduce blotchiness and irritability. Recommended for all skin types with microcirculation problems, including hypersensitive skin.

RS2 CONCENTRATE – this light gel concentrate provides healing, soothing, and decongesting effects for all skin types with microcirculation problems. Rich in liquorice and green tea extract, this concentrate encourages a feeling of relief, comfort, and coolness.

RS2 CARE CREAM – a rich in liquorice extract, used since ancient civilizations for its empowering results. Highly rich in catechins, vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper and zinc, this collection of actives are designed to be healing, decongesting, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant, and anti-oxidant.

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