Beauty Base - Hair colour trends for the season

Before you embark on a new colour for the season talk to your hairdresser...

As well as snipping skills, Karine specialises in ammonia-free organic colouring.  She is hugely passionate about this type of hair colour and attained the L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree, putting her in the top 1% of UK L’Oreal colourists, before becoming ambassador for the Organic Colour Systems brand.

Before you embark on a new colour for the season discuss your ideas with your hairdresser. Karine offers consultations at her Seven Dials salon for all her clients so that they can make the best choice when deciding on a dramatic change and achieve the best possible result.

“I like to couture shades of colours for each individual client,” says Karine,  “making their colour bespoke to the salon and to them. We use a colour fan to look at your skin toneaand assess the best colour to suit you and your lifestyle and we can select from a huge range of techniques and products, including wash-in treatment colours, semi permanent, permanent, foils and creative colour.

 “Not all clients want to change their colours all the time but I know for sure they like to know that they can at any appointment. I have a plan in place for my clients for the whole year. I find out if they are attending any special events where they would like to look their best so that we know the most suitable times to do their colour treatment.

“For our brides to be, we have a clear plan for the build up to their weddings to be sure the end result is absolutely perfect.

“It’s important to find out about the history of the client’s hair. Does it take colour well? Does it fade quickly? Does it look darker than you expect when it’s first coloured? Does it look red, gold or too ash? These questions, along with skin tone, eye shade and lifestyle will help them to choose the correct colour.

“When it comes to seasonal colour change I like to brighten my clients’ hair for the winter so I start this process in the autumn building up to a fab colour for the dreary winter months.”

With so many technical colour terms in the trade, to avoid confusion, I asked Karine to explain some of them.

Balayage – This is when you apply highlight or low light colour directly onto the hair by hand (sometimes called freehand painting) instead of using foils; it gives a more natural, less uniform finish.

Ombré – Known as colour blending: you usually start with darker colour at the roots and work into a lighter colour towards the ends.

Dip-dye  - This is an ongoing trend and the hottest way to wear it right now is with super bright ends. Unless you’re already very light you’ll need to pre-lighten the ends to take the colour. Organic Colour Systems' No Limits is a semi permanent colour that will give bright colour without the commitment.

Bright Hues – incorporating bright hues into your hair is such a striking, fashion look, it’s really cool and I think the appeal is from the impact it makes. There’s a lot of global (all over) colour around this year. One of my favourite bright looks for this year is achievedby applying blue concentrate globally then balayaging straight over the top of the global colour to get the hair pieces to reflect a slightly lighter blue instead of a deep splash of blue. I’ve also done a neon orange colour using orange concentrate, which looks incredible. Bright reds have always been a staple dramatic hair look so it’s about time we explored the full colour spectrum!

Platinum blonde - I love a platinum blonde done well. This is full head bleach lifted as white as possible. Done well on the right skin tone will look amazing. However, there is a lot of home care needed afterwards to keep the hair looking beautiful.

Karine started her career in her parents’ salon in the small Australian town of Wollongong, having always had a passion for hairdressing and couldn’t wait to leave school to start!

She began her basic training at 15, which took her on an adventure of travel and recognition in the competitive hair arena.

In 2003 Karine decided to take the plunge on her own, and opened a luxurious salon in a listed building in the heart of Covent Garden and regularly comments on the latest hair trends for publications such as The Sun, Women & Home, Evening Standard, The Observer, MSN and Woman Magazine to name just a few. Her hair collections have won numerous hairdressing awards.

Karine’s celeb clients include Rachel McDowall (Mama Mia, The Producers), Shelley Conn (Mistresses, Marchlands, and the lead in Steven Spielberg’s $150 million TV show Terra Nova), Neve Campbell, Patricia Arquette as well as presenter Sam Mann and singer Little Boots...

So with my new-found knowledge in place, I am off the hairdresser for my new winter look….

Poppy Watt