Gadget Box

The Breakfast Master
The Breakfast Master
Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Why not take a look at The Breakfast Master...? There
Unusual Gadgets
The Sunrise Natural Sound Clock
The Sunrise Natural Sound Clock The NHS states that one in three of us suffer from poor sleep,
New Apple TV
Apple TV
Since 2010 not much has happened to the Apple TV service and in many respects it has been the
Touchjet Pond
Touchjet Pond
Although our TV screens are getting bigger by the day, there are still occasions when the main
Judge Diet Scales
The Judge J416 Kitchen & Diet Scale - Helping You Count Your Calories
The Judge J416 Kitchen & Diet Scale, with one touch calorie counting, comes from a renowned
Nest Cam
The New Nest Cam
The new Nest Cam is designed to watch out for your home and family – even when you can’t. With
Sonos Starter Set
Sonos Play:1
If you’re currently working on a gift, Sonos recently announced the availability of its new 2 Room
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Not content with mobiles and music, now Apple want to take over time! Apple are confidently
Sonos Blue Note
The Blue Note Sonos Play:1
We’re big fans of the Sonos speakers here at Women Talking and I personally have them dotted in
Time Sensitive
Mark Maddox Gold Pink Ladies Watch
A watch is perfect for this as it's something your other half will wear everyday so part of you