X Box One X

Xbox One X

Last year was all about the PS4 Pro being launched. Now, Microsoft have released their full upgrade to the Xbox One. But is it worth it and should you get one?

Nothing can stop the march of technology. No sooner has the latest kit hit the market that another, even better device is promised just over the digital horizon.

Mid way through their respective life cycles the current generation of consoles have now been given a new injection of life, with Microsoft following Sony’s lead from last year with the release of the Xbox One X.

This marks a significant shift in the console wars because for the first time since the current generation of gaming machines were launched, the Xbox has pulled away from the technological shadow of the PS4 to take the lead as the most powerful console on the market.

Out of the box the system is compact – similar to the Xbox One – and the smallest console Microsoft has ever made. When compared to the PS4 Pro it makes Sony’s device look slightly antiquated and bulky.

But aesthetics remain secondary to the real driving factor here – the power beneath the hood. It will be performance that sells this beast and the promise of 4K gaming on a scale not yet delivered by a games machine is certainly an appealing one. When you measure the specs up against the PS4 Pro, you immediately recognise that the ‘X” is streets ahead of its main competitor.

We ran some of the most graphically demanding games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Middle Earth: Shadow of War and the difference was significant. The graphics are hypnotic, environments beautifully detailed and playback at 60fps smooth in true 4K, simply jaw dropping. It’s an impressive feat that starts to put that £450 price tag into perspective when you consider you’re getting high end PC performance.

Audibly it is no slouch either and with the right sound system connected you get the true benefits of Dolby Atmos complimenting the crystal clear visuals.

Throw in the fact that you have a 4K Blu Ray drive in the unit as well – a glaring omission on the PS4 pro – as well as backwards compatibility that allows you to play even some 360 games and the proposition simply becomes more and more attractive.  

Right now, the Xbox One X can claim to be the ultimate console experience, although it may be initially limited by a sparse number of titles that truly take advantage of its raw power. Early adopters will not need much convincing but this console will probably only really start to make its mark deep into 2018

George R Vaughan