The WOWee Speaker


Anyone who loves music is simply going to love the WOWee ONE CLASSIC speaker as it is the ideal solution for someone on the move, who is either fed up wearing headphones or simply wants to share their music with others.

Long gone are the days when the only way to fill a room was by bringing a ghetto blaster to the party, which often meant lugging around a unit the size of a small suitcase!

Roughly the same size as an iPhone but just a little bit thicker, when I unwrapped the WOWee ONE CLASSIC, having already read the blurb that announced this tiny little unit could fill a room when connected to anything from a PC to a MP3 player, I was sceptical.

I know technology is getting smaller but when it comes to the delivery of sound, experience has shown that if you’re packing a speaker that you can carry in your handbag, then the volume or quality will disappoint.

But the WOWee ONE CLASSIC does something very clever by utilising the surface it is mounted on to deliver a better bass sound (often the biggest weakness in anything portable) through its patented Gel Audio™ driver.

The standard speaker delivers the mid to high frequencies, but crucially the Gel Audio™ driver delivers low end bass frequencies. The extended low frequency response of the Gel Audio™ speaker can outperform devices of a similar size by producing bass frequencies around 3 octaves below the low end cut-off of a traditional unit.

To you and me this means that if you press the speaker up against a flat surface (such was my excitement that I went through everything from the door of my fridge to the mirror in my living room) the depth and volume of the outputted sound is raised considerably.

My tiny little iPod Nano was blasting out Blur via my coffee table in such impressive fashion that my kids soon became interested.

“Can I plug it into my computer?” my eldest enquired.

“Will it work with my DS?” my daughter demanded.

“Can I have one?” said middle child.

The answer to two of these questions was a resounding “yes” you can guess which one received a negative. If anyone was going to have one first it was going to be mum!

The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and can deliver up to 20 hours of playtime per charge. It can be recharged via computer USB or a 5V USB power adapter using a plug.

The WOWee ONE CLASSIC is available in Polar White, Classic Black, Sophisticated Chrome and Pretty Pink and after exhausting every device – my mobile phone, my laptop and even my son’s Xbox successfully passed the “WOWee test” – I have nothing but praise for this great piece of kit.

A particular option that sold it for me is the ability to use the speaker for conference calling by simply plugging it into your mobile phone and then laying the device down on your desk. Needless to say everyone present was impressed!

For once, the adage that all good things come in small packages has been well and truly realised. I loved it, my children loved it and if you are into your gadgets, you’re sure to love it too.

Retailing at £50, if you would like more information then visit the company website at

Poppy Watt