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Beoplay A3

Choosing the right speakers is a very personal thing. For some it’s all about sound quality while for others portability or elegant design will weigh as heavily when buying. 

But with Bang & Olufsen you get all those bangs for your bucks in the Beoplay A3 speaker system. 

Danish designer Steffen Schmelling has ensured that these are speakers that speak volumes in style as well as having an acoustic edge, whether you are listening to your favourite music, checking out the latest film or online video just need a good alarm clock.  The Beoplay A3 speaker system is a really great modern unit: versatile, and elegant while delivering great sound. 

BeoPlay A3 is perfect for FaceTime or a Skype videoconference with your friends, the amplified sound means that chatting over the web is clear and understandable. 

Breaking away from the conventional way of docking devices, the BeoPlay A3 encapsulates the iPad instead. The iPad snaps in and out of the aluminum-trimmed, wedge-shaped device, which can be held or placed in either portrait or landscape position. Due to its adaptive stereo orientation technology, the system will automatically select which of four speakers is playing depending on the way you position it, and giving the best sound quality for your music. 

Measuring 14.2 by 8.3 by 2.8 inches (36 x 21 x 7 cm), the Beoplay A3 weighs 2.8 pounds (1.25 kg) and has a rechargeable battery pack that allows for up to five hours of playback at normal use. When connected to the mains, the power supply charges both the iPad and BeoPlay A3.


Custom-made Bang & Olufsen speakers for brilliant sound.

Stable wedge design can rest on all sides.

Rubber collars ensure a snug fit and protect your iPad from scratches.

Motion sensor gives an optimised listening experience depending on your iPad’s orientation.

Four speakers: one in each corner

Omnidirectional two-inch woofer and three half-inch tweeters.

Five-hour battery playing time with typical power consumption of 3W.

Charges your iPad when connected to the mains

BeoPlayer App (available from the App store) can access and stream 13,000 stations

For more information visit http://www.beoplay.com

Anish Suren