The Sleep Cool bFan Bed Fan

The Sleep Cool bFan Bed Fan 

The Sleep Cool bFan Bed Fan 

 Stops Night Sweats Fast!

The Henley Fan Company Ltd has launched the amazing and unique bFan bed fan in the UK.  This product brings immediate relief and comfort to millions of sufferers of night sweats which occurs when the body cannot control its temperature correctly resulting in broken sleep and heavy night sweats.   This helps many types of people including those in the menopause, undergoing cancer recovery, obese and various medical conditions such as diabetes, HIV/viral infections or hormone disorders.  It will also be a godsend to many during heatwaves and saves money on air-conditioning.

The bed fan is an ultra-quiet double-caged fan that sits at the end of the bed and gently sends a high-pressure flow of air over the body to remove the trapped, hot and humid air from under the sheets, releasing it into the bedroom.  Without the bFan, this air would simply get hotter and hotter causing the sufferer to wake-up all soaked in sweat.  After cooling down they get back to sleep only for the process to repeat again and again leaving them deprived of essential deep sleep.  The bFan stops this cycle.  Research indicates the temperature to be one of the most important factors in getting a good night's sleep.

The original bFan was invented 15 years ago in the USA by Kurt Tompkins and has brought relief to hundreds of thousands of sufferers.  The proven product has just been completely redesigned quieter and improved using $500k of crowdfunding.  It has a wide air-feed outlet, adjustable height, and a variable remote control to enable the perfect temperature to be set.  The product has received hundreds of 5-star reviews and been featured on daytime TV shows like Dr Oz in the USA. 

Tompkins stated “I have made it my life's mission to help the millions of people who are needlessly losing a good night's sleep from overheating in bed”.

The bFan is available online from The Henley Fan Company Ltd who have been selling fans for over 18 years.  It comes with a 10-year warranty and 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Poppy Watt