Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Note 8

With the iPhone 8 not grabbing the imagination and the iPhone X still a bit of an unknown quantity until it is finally released next month, all eyes move to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which has even more resting on its shoulders after the disaster of the Note 7.

The Note 8 certainly has a lot going for it and does go some way to making up for the sins of its predecessor, including one of the best screens delivered to a handset – the bezel-free display is a standout feature – and an impressive dual camera.

However, it comes with a hefty price tag if purchased SIM-free and is far from perfect. In my opinion, the biggest faux pas is the fingerprint scanner, which simply does not work on the rear of the device. Battery life – a curse of the iPhone – is somewhat better than Apple’s equivalent but it still doesn’t get a day’s usage without needing another charge.

Voice assistant Bixby is no match for Google Assistant or Siri and doesn’t seem to have improved much from last year’s version to merit too much excitement.

Still, for many people these might not be deal-breakers and if you want a big screen phone there is nothing on the market to match the Note range.

Overall, the plusses certainly outweigh the minuses and if your preference is Android then it is a simple choice to make.

For more information visit the Samsung site here.

George R Vaughan