Samsung’s The Frame

Samsung’s The Frame

Is it art or is it tech?

Samsung’s The Frame television aspires to be both and the display has certainly been designed to blend seamlessly into the modern living space, adding more to the aesthetics than in takes away.

Certainly, there is nothing more distracting than a large screen television sitting in the middle of a well-designed living environment and early impressions tend to suggest that the Korean company have got the balance just right.

The basic premise is simple. In standby mode, the screen displays art, either from its own expandable library or from your personal images and photos, enabling you to get the look and feel from your screen that you want. Because the TV is also 4K, Ultra HD, you can also be sure of displaying high res images that will not look inferior against other art hanging in the shared space.

The Frame features include:

Art Mode
In Art Mode, instead of fading to a black screen on standby, the Frame displays a range of custom designed pieces of art, blending with your interior design.

Frame Design
Because it looks like a picture frame, its elegant looks enhance the surroundings, looking equally striking on or off.

Brightness Sensor
Detecting ambient light, a sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the environmental lighting, so the artwork is always displayed how it was meant to be seen.

Customisable Frame Bezel
It's customisable too, with a choice of wooden bezel colour frames available (sold separately) so you can find the perfect match to your interior. Each frame attaches and detaches easily with magnets.

Your Own Art Collection
Frame your most loved moments. Upload your own photos or pictures from your smart phone or via USB stick.

Samsung Art Collection
The Frame includes its own gallery of images, including landscapes, wildlife, architecture, still life, digital art and drawing, with an exceptional further selection available to purchase from the Samsung Art Store.

Customisable Presentation
Easily customise the background mount colour and layout of the art to best match your interior design.

Smart View App
By using the Smart View App (available on iOS and Android) you can browse artwork and control The Frame, all from your mobile device.

Motion Sensor
When The Frame detects motion in the room it can ensure an image is displayed, fading to black when the room's empty to save power.

Seamless Integration
Using the No-Gap wall mount (included), The Frame can be hung flush to the wall, just like an actual picture. And the Near Invisible Optical Cable (included) eliminates cable clutter from around the TV.

4K UHD with Upscaling
The Frame's Certified Ultra HD 4K resolution screen takes you to the next level of viewing experience. Four times the number of pixels of 1080p Full HD delivers stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. Experience this high-spec picture on everything you watch thanks to 4K upscaling. Samsung's innovative upscaling technology converts lower resolution content to a level of detail near UHD.

HDR with Active Crystal Colour
Samsung are one of the forerunners of colour-boosting High Dynamic Range (HDR). As members of the UHD Alliance, they've engineered HDR heightened by their Active Crystal Colour technology. This tech delivers over 17 million colours and a 20% wider colour space than conventional UHD. This makes shades sharper, the image deeper, and colours endlessly rich.

One Remote
Get rid of the clutter of multiple controls. The Samsung One Remote can control all your compatible devices for seamless multi-tasking. So with compatible components you can switch channels on your set-top box, adjust the volume on the sound bar, or surf the web on the big screen, all via one controller.

Samsung Smart Hub
Now faster, with ultra-high definition streaming, catch-up and games services, is the latest Smart Hub platform. This quick and easy platform marks a massive step forward for the connected home. Access the latest apps to experience the best UHD content from Netflix and Amazon*. You can even browse content easily, searching for your favourite programmes and movies while you are still watching TV. Powering the seamless interaction is the powerful Quad Core processor which significantly boosts performance with faster access to Smart features. Enjoy super-fast response times, as you use and toggle between apps, online services and live TV with ease. You can even use voice control by engaging S Voice on the remote.

Samsung TVPlus
Experience easy access to the latest movies via your TV guide in addition to all your traditional TV channels. Whether you’re browsing for the latest Hollywood blockbuster or trying to find Ultra HD content, expand your viewing options through a wealth of additional Smart channels with Samsung TV Plus. Watch subscription free content with on-air and catch-up services (charges apply for premium on-demand content).

Our overall assessment of this TV was positive. Take away the key selling point of its ability to blend into an environment and it still has a great deal to offer.

Judging it simply on its merits as a display, The Frame offered vibrant images from live TV, an excellent return on both Blu Ray and UHD content and it was no slouch in the gaming department either.

As with most thin screens these days, sound is the biggest challenge but since sound bars are now a given purchase for anyone making a serious investment in AV, it isn’t something to be too fussed about.

Overall, it’s a fine TV that we would certainly recommend.

George R Vaughan