The New iball3


Always up for challenge Poppy Watt trials the new iball3 – an interactive memory game. Frustration and infuriation was my first impression, however it is definitely a ‘can’t put down’ puzzle, which soon became highly addictive.

Veteran computer genius and games inventor, Andrew Reeves, invented the iball3. Andrew specialises in IT working with major clients implementing multi million pound infrastructure systems – so you could say he has an aptitude for problem solving.

He launched his first product, the Isis – described as the hardest puzzle in the world on the Jonathan Ross show and since then has turned down an investment offer of £200,000 after successfully impressing the investors on Dragons Den.

Having invented fiendish but higher priced games, Andrew turned his brain to designing a puzzle that would fit the aspirations and the budget of all consumers – he came up with the iball3.                                                                          

The iball3 is a clear, futuristic looking ball with an electronic display inside, six lights and sound features.  Designed for children and adults from eight to eighty.

The iball3 is a brain training game in which players aim to switch on all the lights to the same colour within a limited time. There are, of course, a few catches… each of the six lights has a choice of three colours initially, the ‘randomiser’ inside the iball3 creates literally over a million permutations and every 90 seconds the sequences change.

There are two levels of play – solve level one and it gets harder as you now have to master the game with four colours! Once you have succeeded the iball3 displays a unique i-code, which allows you to open up all the interactive aspects of the puzzle, and track your progress against other players through the iball3 website.

Each iball3 has its own registration number, letting players compete for the best times on a world leader board – how exciting is that?

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Poppy Watt