The KitchenAid Nespresso

The KitchenAid Nespresso

The iconic appliance manufacturer, KitchenAid has teamed up with Nespresso to bring a stylish new coffee machine to your home.

In keeping with the general Artisan range, the appliance is a glossy, feature packed device made from die-cast zinc and aluminium, making it is a robust and impressive addition to the kitchen.

This is a coffee maker that has been designed to be seen, which is just as well because the weight doesn’t lend itself for continual movement.

However, it is strictly black coffee only for this machine (which is a surprise for the price) as there is no facility for milk frothing and cappuccino.  

Its strength lies in its ample sized tank, allowing for volume brewing that can push out over 20 cups before it needs a refill.

A statement purchase, it does make great coffee if your wallet can stretch to the price.

Coming in black and red, if you would like more information then visit the Nespresso site here.

George R Vaughan