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Judge Coffee Bean Grinder

How to get the best out of your beans with the daily grind.

A fresh, rich aromatic flavor for your coffee is best achieved with good quality beans and a reliable grinder.

I have been trying the new Judge JEA42 Coffee Bean Grinder. It certainly looks the part in stylish black and silver but would it, I wondered, live up to my expectations?

Sturdy, and robust, the grinder has a very powerful 200 watt motor; generally grinders range from around 150 to nearly 300 watts for the more expensive models. Less powerful grinders are more likely to jam or may burn out sooner with frequent use so this is worth bearing in mind when deciding which grinder to buy. 

The Judge grinder gives you the ability to grind coffee in a variety of grades ranging from fine to course, whatever is suitable for a large selection of coffee-making equipment, from your basic cafetier to the very latest pump and drip filter machines.  Surprisingly, the gradient of your grind also affects the taste of your coffee. Using the same beans, with a different grind you have a completely different taste – amazing!

The robust stainless steel blade in its own grinding bowl, keeps mess to a minimum, while the blade is also sturdy enough for grinding nuts and spices.

The large 70g/12-cup capacity and handy measuring scoop lid save time and space, and allow you to decide the exact amount of coffee you want to grind on one occasion, preventing wastage and keeping maximum freshness.

As with all Judge products, safety and quality are the priority, so a lid-controlled safety switch, retractable power cord for easy storage and Judge two-year domestic electrical guarantee offer peace of mind.

Pre-ground coffee in a tin may be quick and convenient, but don’t expect the same flavour that you’d get from a freshly ground coffee. There is a huge difference between the two and, like me; most people find that once they have experienced fresh coffee it’s hard to return to the pre-grind variety.

I also think the aroma of freshly ground coffee adds to the whole experience, it has been said that by just smelling coffee can help cure tiredness better than drinking a cup!

It is not as difficult to grind coffee.  However, there are a few basics to consider before starting.

Firstly, keep in mind that, once roasted, coffee beans start losing flavour right away, although freshly ground coffee will still have a rich flavour once brewed. The best way to keep roasted beans fresh is to store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark, moisture-free location. Excess moisture will quickly ruin the beans, so keep your coffee out of the refrigerator. Avoid excessive heat as well. A pantry cupboard is an ideal storage area.

If you are buying fresh beans only buy, as much coffee as you will use in a two-week period and once ground the coffee should be used as fast as possible to keep its flavour, so grind in small batches.

I know that it sounds like it is a longer process, but it is well worth the extra steps because with fresher ground coffee you get a better flavour from your coffee.

The Judge Coffee Bean Grinder comes gift boxed with an instruction manual and should be found on the high street for under £30.

Poppy Watt


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