Judge Diet Scales

The Judge J416 Kitchen & Diet Scale - Helping You Count Your Calories

The Judge J416 Kitchen & Diet Scale, with one touch calorie counting, comes from a renowned company and household name specialising in high-quality, value for money cook and kitchenware.

These are not your average kitchen scales and a joy to use for so many reasons.

The scales measure weight, milk and water volume with an easy unit conversion between weight and volume.

The displays are in grams, ounces or milliliters, with a weighing capacity of ten kilograms, with graduations of one gram. So if you are preparing for one or a group you won’t have to weigh in separate batches. With a clear LCD display there’s no chance of confusion while preparing a meal.

There are seven one-touch calorie conversion modes, making counting calories as easy as pie!

Always place your scale on a solid and level surface for consistent results. Simply place the ingredient on the scale, register the weight, then press the corresponding food type key – chicken, butter, sugar, flour, egg, chocolate or beef for an instant read out.

The ‘tare function’ is really handy, it means you can weigh as you cook, with effortless additions of other ingredients. To weigh consecutively, without removing the previous item from the scale press the ‘tare’ button, which will reset the LCD to zero before adding the next item.

The hygienic wipe clean glass-weighing platform allows you to weigh directly on the scale and, when necessary, clean the scale with a slightly damp cloth.

This equipment is slim, light, easy to store with non-slip feet and a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Unlike the Judge solar scales, which I am incredibly fond of, these do require 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries. But no matter, they offer such easy to use advantages.

Available in white, with a Judge 2 year Domestic Electrical Guarantee. Typical price £36.00

For more information visit www.judgecookware.co.uk

Poppy Watt