iPhone 8

iPhone 8

We’ve been testing the iPhone 8 for the last few weeks and whilst it is a great phone, it’s arrival has been somewhat diminished by the imminent arrival of the iPhone X, sending out a mixed message from Apple that seems to deviate from the original ideology of founder, Steve Jobs.

The poor state of the pound against the dollar means prices have risen significantly from last year, with the starting price being £100 higher than the iPhone 7. 

The first thing you are likely to notice is that the iPhone’s design has not changed that much and if you put the latest device up against an iPhone 6 you would not see much difference. If anything, the main device has got a little thicker and slightly heavier in comparison to the previous model.

The glass backing is almost like a return to the very first models, although this is more about facilitating wireless charging, arguably the latest device’s biggest selling point. Dispensing with the lightning cable and utilising a compatible charger instead just seems so much more intuitive. This glass backing also feels comfortable in the hand and contrary to what you might believe, not at all slippery. 

It does leave the back almost as vulnerable to breakages as the screen if you drop the device so if you weren’t one for cases before then you are best advised to think again.

The iPhone 8 retains its waterproofing, sees no return for the conventional headphone jack and is available in three colours: silver, gold and space grey. Those of you hankering for rose gold or jet black will be disappointed.

For those of you who already own an iPhone 7, it’s going to be difficult to justify an upgrade. Although the Wi-Fi charging is a bonus, it’s not quite enough for us to recommend a move to the latest device unless you are in possession of a much older handset.

Overall, we’d class this as less an iPhone 8 and more a 7S and there is less to excite here when compared to rival alternatives from Samsung and LG.

George R Vaughan