The Freeloader Classic

The Freeloader Classic

How many times have you been caught short with a low battery in your mobile or the kids Nintendo needs charging at the most inconvenient of times when a charging point is not available to you? – Too many if you ask me.

With summer fast approaching and inevitable trips out are on the horizon I think I’ve found the perfect gadget.

Small and lightweight the new FreeLoader Classic will easily slip into a pocket or backpack, and is housed in a hardwearing and stylish silver aluminum skin built to survive the vigor’s of the road – the perfect travel companion.

Designed to supply solar power in the most remote locations where a power supply is not available Solar Technology International designs and produces a range of solar products that allows using the sun for free energy!

Freedom of movement is a big plus for owning a solar charger, as you do not require external electrical sources to recharge your batteries. You can catch the sun pretty much anywhere on Earth during the daytime. So, if you find yourself lost in the woods with a dead cell phone, you need only the sun's rays to get it up and running again.

Solar cells generate no emissions, waste or byproducts; those photons that aren't used simply pass through the silicon or bounce off of it as they would any other material, therefore solar power is environmentally friendly.

The new Freeloader Classic really is a state-of-the-art solar charger set with new super powerful solar panels collecting 25% more power. This remarkable gadget has the ability to charge its internal battery in 8 hours, which in turn can deliver power to an iPod / iPhone for 18 hours, a smart phone for 44 hours, a PSP or DS for 2.5 hours and an iPad for 2 hours.

The solar panels let you capture the sun's energy and convert it to electrical current. The panels use Crystalline silicon technology, the latest in solar technology to harness power which is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solutions, particularly in lower light conditions found in the UK.

Ready for action direct from the box, 9 connector tips are supplied as standard including the new ‘standard’ micro USB, and a USB socket provides a direct input for the standard USB cable supplied with many gadgets, such as the white cable supplied with all Apple devices.

The FreeLoader Classic is an essential part of luggage for festivals, holidays, trekking and hiking etc, or can simply provide back-up power on long commutes.

Solar power kits are not only designed to capture the sun’s energy but also to store the energy as well. During sunny weather, energy from the sun is converted into electricity and the energy not consumed will be stored. The stored energy can then be used at night or during unpleasant weather.

When the sun hasn’t got its hat on, the FreeLoader Classic can be charged via USB in just 3 hours.

My conclusion is that a solar battery charger was a great invention indeed.

Poppy Watt


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