FIFA 12 - Not Just For The Boys!

Believe me I understand the offside rule! I even used to write football match reports and so, like many women, I’ll want the newly released FIFA 12 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, EA Sports, who have put 4 copies up for grabs, 2 for each console.

I won’t be handing mine over to my sons or partner. At Women Talking we don’t believe that these toys are exclusively for the boys!

Football games are big business and even though console gaming isn’t seen as a traditional interest for many women, we are very competitive and with football having become more of a family game perhaps it’s time to take the “men-folk” on at what used to be their own game.  I’ll be there in front of the TV and the girls in my house certainly won’t be taking a dive!

You might not like the idea of rolling around in the mud on a wet Sunday afternoon so EA Sports gives you the opportunity to experience the next best thing as you take control of any one of hundreds of teams from all over the world, at club and international levels.

You never know, you might find you even like it and could soon be challenging your husband for the right to hog the console.

To enter all you have to do is answer the following question:

Who are the current world champions of women’s football?

Send your answers to ensuring you place the words FIFA 12 in the subject header and add your console preference of choice in the email together with your unique Women Talking username.

For instance if you want it on Xbox then write Xbox and if you want it on PS3 then write PS3.

Please note this competition has now closed.

Patricia McLoughlin