The Child Locator

Julia Odgers

Whether you are planning a holiday, day out or general shopping spree, it is always important to consider the safety of any young children you might be taking with you.

Open spaces, even busy shops can be fun and exciting when it comes to care free youngsters. From personal experience, young children do have a habit of wandering off and you can easily loose sight of them even if you just look away for a mere second. On a crowded beach, parkland or even the supermarket this can be a frightening experience for child and parent alike.

In the UK an estimated 140,000 children are reported missing every year to the authorities (Daily Telegraph). That figure excludes thousands of children that simply go astray whilst out shopping, causing parents to panic. This leads to approximately 5% of real abductions in the UK alone.

Thanks to business minded Julia Odgers, a mother herself to two young children and the brainchild behind a new range of transmitters and child locator alarms from ‘Mommy I’m here’ are now available to purchase on line. Having taken the US market by storm these cute teddy bear child locators are now available in the UK to give peace of mind to parents and carers.

Julia’s previous experience as a marketing communications manager has been invaluable launching kidstravel2 - an independent online specialist in children’s luggage, travel games for kids & other family travel accessories. 

I had the opportunity to try one of the teddy bear alarms on a recent holiday. In principle it was simple, you just attach the bear to your child's wrist, shoes, bag or clothing and you keep hold of the transmitter.

When your child wanders out of range the alarm automatically emits a loud 86-decibel intermittent chirp/beeping sound. This did cause great amusement to my nephew; therefore the boundaries were tested more than once just for the sheer excitement of the alarm sounding. There was certainly no chance this child was going to stray too far afield.

The hand held transmitter was based with me and had a button, which I could press and it would alert me as to where he was. The mounting strap was included and we chose to attach the locator to his shoe. He was happy with this new accessory and caused no extra weight whilst playing. The teddy bear is water resistant, always a useful asset and the locator comes complete with batteries so ready to go when required.

Julia takes pride in testing all of the products on the kidsTravel2 site.

“Friends, family or myself will test new items; this gives me the confidence that real kids have put the products through their paces. If we don't like them, then they don't even make it onto the site! If you like it we continue to stock it, a simple philosophy” states Julia.

“We've been around since 2006 and are proud of how we have grown and developed. We build from the feedback from our customers and this is how we continually sustain our high quality of useful products”.

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Poppy Watt 

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