Byte-Sized - The Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung S8

After a marketing and PR disaster following the battery issues and recall notices on its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had to be sure it could deliver a handset that would not only restore confidence in the brand but also deliver something to challenge its great rival, Apple.  

In our minds, they may have just achieved that with their latest device.

The arguments might be raging about who makes the best smartphone in the world but right now the standout handset across all manufacturers must be the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

On smartphones one of the most important features has to be the screen and the dazzling, bezel-free display offered by Samsung’s Infinity puts every other current phone’s display to shame in comparison. In fact, even the much-hyped iPhone 7 seems somewhat antiquated in comparison.

Battery life is even better and the camera is something to behold, so for all those disillusioned iOS users wrestling over whether this is the year they switch to Android, we’d say there probably has never been a better time.

Apple struggled to convince buyers that the iPhone 7 was worth the investment and figures show that over the last decade since the first iPhone was released, it has been one of the company’s worst performing handsets.

In a world where innovation appears to be talked about far more than it is actually deployed, Samsung appear to at least be trying to push new initiatives to us, even if they don’t always hit the mark. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as the core product is solid – which in the case of the Galaxy S8 it is.

Moving the biometrics to the back of the phone doesn’t seem such a good idea and it seems to add time to the simple task of unlocking the device. The company’s move into facial recognition is also disappointing as the system appears to fail more times that it succeeds and low light can hamper the experience further.

Bixby, their alternative to Siri, is completely pointless in its current form but at least you have Google’s Assistant to fall back on.

But these minor niggles aside – and they are minor in the grand scheme of things – the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone for our age and certainly worthy of its place at the top of our smartphone league table.

Of course, that could all change come September 12th when Apple make their next, much anticipated release on the iPhone 8.

George R Vaughan