The Boo Bear Personal Alarm

Boo Bear Personal Alarm

A 13-year-old schoolgirl Forrest Smyth has come up with a great new design for a personal attack alarm, the Boo Bear Keep Me Safe key ring.

Statistics from the British crime survey 2009/10 states worryingly that almost 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime and 1 in 20 women were stalked last year.

Whether you are walking home from school, working the night shift or out in your car all women and girls could feel a little safer carrying a personal attack alarm.

If you have one, an obvious place to keep it would be your handbag, where the chances are the alarm would fall to the bottom of the bag and be inaccessible when needed.

Forrest, who is a pupil at St Paul’s Catholic College in Sunbury- on-Thames, was given a small alarm during her cycling proficiency lesson at school. With a school project to complete, which was to invent something useful for children, and unimpressed by the look of the alarm provided, Forrest thought she could do better.

“I wanted to make the alarm look cute, so that it would appeal to girls and women who could put it on the outside of their bags.”

The alarm is neatly disguised as a soft toy bear key ring, which can be clipped onto handbags or school bags, jean tags or bikes. Pulling out the Keep Me Safe tag in the back activates a high-level 120-decibel alarm to give you those vital seconds to disorient any attacker.

There is a high power LED torch in Boo Bears nose for instant light, it’s simple to use - just press the paw to turn the torch on.

Boo Bear makes a fantastic fashion accessory while offering protection.

The alarm is at hand at all times and gives the advantage of surprise while attracting attention and providing vital seconds that could make all the difference for girls and women travelling alone.

Forrest’s mother Suzi and mum’s partner David thought their daughter’s homework was such a good idea they would take it one step further. Boo Bear now has CE approval and is now readily available.

Forrest’s great new design has earned her a commendation from Simon Uttley, her head teacher at St Paul’s. “We are proud of what she has achieved and very pleased that she has helped keep the issue of safety in the spotlight”

Boo Bear is available from at £8.99.

Poppy Watt

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