Sundried Bananas

Organic Sundried Banana

Forget that packet of crisps or chocolate bar. Women Talking have found a snack that’s healthy – the Organic Sundried Banana.

Natur Boutique, a small family run company based in the heart of Vietnam, has for two decades been sourcing natural products and has produced the sundried banana from their farm.  Having tried this alternative snack, it’s the perfect size to pop in your handbag, lunchbox or even your pocket, is packed with vitamins, rich in fibre, certified organic and less than 77 calories.  Now that’s a find!

You might think there’s nothing new about dried bananas, but these are very different from the banana chips you’re probably used to. They are whole dried bananas, not just little slices, and the unusual banana used are Lady Finger Bananas, smaller and sweeter than our usual bananas.

They are also dried and prepared in a very different way by drying the bananas in the sun, which means nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

Banana chips are generally fried in oil, resulting in a hard dry banana that has on average nearly 200 calories more per 100g compared with Natur Boutique’s bananas. And, ladies, they have 34g of fat and 29g of saturated fat per 100g, whereas sun dried bananas have just 0.4g of fat, of which none is saturated fat.

If you’re unconvinced make your kids the judge and jury.  Healthy snacks are only going to be welcomed by them if they taste great and these bananas are exceptionally sweet with a sticky consistency.

Real child fodder.

They look a bit strange, being brown in colour but then so is chocolate!

There’s certainly no beating them for a convenient tasty, guilt free bar. I loved the flavour.

As well as providing product to the UK, Natur Boutique pride themselves in helping protect the world in which we live, which is why you’ll find most of their products are certified organic, have no GM ingredients and are as raw and natural as possible.

For more details, or to buy, ask at your local health store or visit

Poppy Watt


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