Mushroom Magic!

Mushrooms are Magic!

Brits eat over 115,000 tons of mushrooms every year, making it the country’s third most popular vegetable, after potatoes and tomatoes.

However, despite their popularity, many people don’t realise they’re not cooking mushrooms properly and therefore aren’t enjoying them as much as they could be.

Monaghan Mushrooms wants to make sure that everyone is cooking their mushrooms properly, so here are some top tips on how to get the most from your mushrooms. By following these tips, you’re sure to get delicious flavour and crispy texture every time.

Mushrooms are tasty, great value and an easy to cook ingredient that adds extra flavour to a wide variety of meals – but it’s such a shame that so many of us don’t know the best way to cook them! Mushrooms should be fried in a very hot pan to seal in moisture and create a lovely crispy texture. Make sure your pan is almost smoking hot before adding the mushrooms to it.

To ensure you’re getting a really good temperature for frying mushrooms, it’s essential to have the right kind of pan. A good quality, heavy-based pan is best for conducting heat and keeping your pan hotter for longer.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Not only do mushrooms taste delicious but they’re also good for you. They’re low in fat but packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Mushrooms are low in fat, low in calories and low in energy density. Their glycaemic index (GI) is so low, it can’t be measured! This makes them suitable for everyone, including those who have heart disease or diabetes. They also contain fibre which helps bulk up a meal and makes you feel fuller for longer – great for anyone trying to keep weight off.
  • One serving of mushrooms provides about a third of our recommended daily allowance (RDA) of riboflavin (B2) and Vitamin B7, and a quarter of our recommended daily allowance of niacin (B3) and pantothenic acid (B5).
  • Mushrooms also provide folic acid, which is known to reduce the risk of spinal problems in babies during pregnancy.
  • They are the only non-animal source of vitamin D so very important for vegetarians, or anyone on a reduced meat diet.
  • Mushrooms have three times the anti-oxidant capacity of tomatoes. They’re also rich in essential minerals, such as potassium, copper, phosphorus and selenium, which are necessary to maintain a healthy body.

Five Fun Facts

Here are some more fun facts from Monaghan Mushrooms:

1. There are 38,000 kinds of mushrooms in the world, three quarters of which are edible
2. Mushrooms are not seasonal; they can be grown and enjoyed all year round
3. France was the first country to cultivate mushrooms on a commercial basis in the late 19th century
4. King Louis XIII loved mushrooms so much, he arranged for 2,400 kilometres of earth-covered compost beds to be created in caves outside of Paris
5. Romans were so convinced of the strengthening powers of mushrooms that they fed them to their soldiers just before battle

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Poppy Watt