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I am sure we all have fond memories of jam. Mine must be hot buttered toast with strawberry jam as a child, or thick jam with clotted cream on scones – with these happy memories at the foremost of my mind, I ask myself why is jam not on the menu more often?

Clippy’s Apples founder and Master Preserver Michelle McKenna (aka Clippy) has already been pimping her jam and has come up with some delicious new recipes such as Raspberry Ripple Jam and Cheeky Chocolate & Banana Jam and is encouraging the nation to get in the kitchen, roll up those sleeves and get preserving! 

Clippy’s jams are simultaneously indulgent and healthier due to their higher fruit content compared to other brands!

“Our products have over 55g of fruit per 100g, compared to the 35g that the EU states as the minimum fruit content,” declares Clippy. “This ensures you actually taste the fruit and enjoy maximum flavour and this is what in the business we call ‘proper jam’’

The precise origin of jam remains a matter of historical debate; however, jams have a rich history and are appreciated worldwide for their fragrance and fruity taste. Jam-making probably began in the Middle-East where cane sugar grew naturally.

Jams were a kingly delicacy and many a royal sweet tooth demanded an array of fruit flavours preserved with sugar. Chroniclers of more regal eras describe the magnificent feasts of Louis XIV, which always ended with fruit preserves served in silver dishes. Each delicacy served at Versailles was made with fruit from the king’s own gardens and glasshouses.

Nowadays, commercial jam has become one of those products that has suffered the traditional British dumbing-down process caused by our food industry's insistence that customers want only the cheapest food. The proliferation of cheap, sugary jams has devalued jam. Clippy is hoping that Jam Week is an opportunity to reverse this situation.

Clippy’s passion for all things apple-y dates back to a few years ago when she would spend long afternoons lovingly transforming the apples found in her own back garden into delicious cakes and preserves.

“During this period, I was researching a PhD proposal that included a study on Britain’s disappearing apple orchards. Alarmed by the statistic that two thirds have been lost since 1970, I decided to make it my mission to reverse this disturbing trend:  I realised I could either write a thesis that a handful of people would read, or do something practical to help reverse the trend.

“Whilst appearing on BBC 'MasterChef Goes Large I had my  ‘Eureka’ moment and realised that by combining my interests, I could help save the British apple.”

Master Preserver Clippy, her fiancé and business partner Paul Gorman with the latest addition of her two-year-old daughter Rosie as chief taster, have been running the business from their home since 2008.

Clippy has managed to build her brand entirely independently, with no outside investment whatsoever and only started with £100 and a couple of commercial sized jam pots and strainers.

Her unique products range from Apple Pie Jam to Apple, Mango and Chilli Chutney, combining a range of tasty and indulgent ingredients but also ensuring that all products are of the highest possible quality and packed with lovely fresh juicy fruit.  In a very short period of time, Clippy has achieved nationwide listings with Asda, Harvey Nichols, Fortum & Mason, John Lewis, Ocado and EH Booths.

“There was a time when we were very close to giving up. I think what got us through was the fact that our vision remained unchanged from day one, to create a household name synonymous with British apple heritage.

Taking inspiration from the diverse cuisine she had sampled over the years on her extensive travels around the world, Clippy managed to marry her passion for the British apple, her talent for preserving and taste for excellence to create a delicious range of preserves.

Poppy Watt


For the opportunity to sample these wonderful jams for yourselves, Clippy would like to offer the whole range of her jams to 3 lucky Women Talking subscribers.

To win all you need to do is answer the following question:

What types of apples are used in the Apple & Plum Chutney?

If you need help then visit www.clippys.com

Send your answer to competitions@womentalking.co.uk ensuring you place the words Clippy’s in the subject header and include your Women Talking username with the submission.

Please note any entries without a username will not be eligible for the competition.

This competition has now closed and the winner will be announced shortly.

This year Jam Week invites the nation to ‘Pimp My Jam’ and submit their own funky jam recipes to www.jamweek.org. 

The winner will get the chance to take part in Clippy’s ‘Preserving The Nation’ UK tour. Not only will they learn the tricks of the trade from Clippy herself at a Preserving Masterclass at Bristol’s prestigious Cookery School at Bordeaux Quay but they will also be provided with an overnight stay at foodie hotel Brooks Boutique Guest House.