French Kitchen

French Kitchen

It takes a lot to inspire Poppy Watt to get her apron on these days, with the constant battle of time verses effort, however Serge Dansereau’s new book French Kitchen has done just that.

This outstanding book has useful meal suggestions for all occasions, and features 230 classic French recipes, all carefully developed to be accessible for the everyday cook.

The pages have clear, concise instructions, which are easy to follow, and personalized with little anecdotes – giving you an insight into the charm and personality of this seasoned chef.

Most recipes are beautifully illustrated, with colourful photography, which I find a great advantage when makinging a dish you are not familiar with. Each of the traditional recipes are mouthwatering and have been carefully selected to help you to enjoy the rustic charm of French cuisine all year round.

French Kitchen will offer you a dish to suit all occasions, whether it′s an early breakfast, a Saturday lunch with the family, a kid′s birthday party, dinner with friends, a picnic in the park, or a delicious high tea.

My favourite section with the holidays in mind is ‘Cooking For Kids’ with tasty and appealing food for children – designed to delight even the fussiest of appetites.

Serge has two young children of his own – Celeste and Sasha and knows only too well the challenges of selecting the right menu for birthday parties, and family gatherings.

“My girls are still at the stage of enjoying simple sandwiches, pies, Piccatas and mini meat croissants” quotes Serge. “All of which are covered in French Kitchen.”

Serge enjoys the challenge of pleasing his children’s palates and at home a vegetable garden is his proposed solution. “An extension of the paddock to plate concept, with mud patties and worms to keep the kids enthralled!” suggests Serge.

Serge has won numerous awards for his cooking and has been hailed as one of Australia’s leading and most innovative chefs. Serge developed his passion for cooking growing up in a French – Canadian family where the emphasis was on simple, fresh ingredients and classic French flavours. As a youngster Serge learnt to appreciate simple fresh food, from his father’s large garden, his mother’s cuisine and grandmother’s incredible feasts.

For flexibility in the kitchen all year round, in addition Serge has offered seasonal or store cupboard variations within his book, so you are never at a loss for what to cook. By substituting an ingredient here or there, you can turn a summer dish into a winter one, or adapt it to suit whatever you have in your pantry, which is always an advantage when more often than not when following a recipe there is nothing more frustrating than having an ingredient missing!!

Having trained as a chef in Quebec, Serge now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two children. He currently owns and is head chef at the renowned Bathers’ Pavillion restaurant in Balmoral, New South Wales.

French Kitchen is published by Jacqui Small Publishing and retails at £25.

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