YumCha: “Iced tea as it should be”

YumCha - Iced Tea as it should be.

YumCha: “Iced tea as it should be”

Finding non-alcoholic summer tipples can be a challenge. Beyond the standard supermarket fizzy drinks and cordials we see virtually every day, finding something new can be tough. Well, look no further. YumCha have launched a fantastic range of Iced Tea cordials; perfect for a refreshing summer beverage.

YumCha is brewed at a farm in Surrey using real tea leaves, fresh herbs, and dried fruit. It’s concentrated to preserve all the flavours without needing to add anything else. To drink, simply dilute one part YumCha to twenty-five parts water.

The flavour range is delicious – ranging from refreshing citrus ‘Lemon Ceylon’ to the more bitter ‘Nettle’, Moroccan Mint, Sour Plum, Jasmine and Earl Grey. The Earl Grey flavour has all the right notes and is floral, but still delicate. While the mixes are syrupy, they do not taste overly sweet. As it says on the bottle, they’re “naturally hydrating”.

For a delicious summery drink, pour over ice and dilute with water, or, to shake things up, try it hot! Who needs traditional tea brewing when you can use YumCha cordials?

Available from http://www.yumchadrinks.co.uk/ (via Amazon)

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