Stellar Rocktanium Frying Pan

Cooking made simple with Stellar cookware

Stellar Rocktanium Frying Pan

Fry-ups have never been so simple.

I am never good at parting with kitchen cookware; I will use them until the bitter end and even then, remain reluctant to part ways.

However, thanks to my friends at Stellar, they have introduced me to the new Rocktanium fry pan collection. Featuring Quantanium, a tough, durable, reinforced multicoat. It incorporates a unique mix of titanium particles blended into the non-stick coating, creating a harder and more durable surface. Perfect for heat distribution, giving me excellent results every time I cook.

I am happy to say, the pans have been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, by using a low to medium heat setting instead of high.

The range comprises of five heavy-duty frying pans, ranging in size from 20cm to 30cm.

With a distinctive “stone” finish non-stick coating, the pans are scratch-resistant and guaranteed for an impressive five years. Additionally these attractive looking pans are free from PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as C8 and perfluorooctanoate) 

The outcome of my extensive testing was quite simply that non-stick cookware is a practical must for busy kitchens like mine. It ensures healthier cooking results, and makes for much easier cleaning. It was a dream to wash over with hot soapy water and to remove food deposits it is quite simple with a non – scratch nylon pan scourer or brush. As well as being easy to clean by hand, Stellar’s Rocktanium pans are dishwasher safe too.

The Rocktanium collection is suitable for use on any hob type, including the increasingly popular induction. Each pan has a comfortable hollow cast riveted handle for strength and stability, giving you a firm and safe grip. The pans can also be used in the oven up to a temperature of 210°C.. (Always use an oven glove, when removing from a hot oven)

Prices begin at £25.00 per fry pan.

For stockists either visit our website or see them here at Hartsofstur  

Poppy Watt

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