Foodie gifts for Mothers Day

Foodie gifts for Mother's Day 

Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day is still a time for most families to gather for a meal. Many of the local restaurants and pubs offer mothers a glass of fizz (a smart move - it is difficult
to avoid ordering glasses for the rest of the party!) and some have a special menu for next Sunday 31 March. Sadly it can also be a day when normal menus are abandoned in favour of a special, often premium-priced, ‘Mother’s Day Menu’. So it’s a good idea to check first if you are booking a table somewhere, in order to avoid a nasty shock. 

The supermarkets – including Marks & Spencer – will, I’m sure be offering the usual ‘dine in’ deals (this time for a family-sized one rather than for two) which offer a convenient way to relax and take it easy at home after spending time together enjoying - what we hope will be - nice spring weather. 

Some of the suggestions I’ve seen for Mother’s Day gifts are ridiculously expensive and would need a wealthy offspring or father to stump up the readies for them. In the old days it was far less commercial; most mothers were happy with a box of chocolates and/or a bunch of flowers. 

Foodie gifts that won’t break the bank - and that I would recommend - are good chocolate, maybe a bottle of reasonably priced fizz or even some ‘mother’s ruin’. 

Chocolate-wise you can spend from a couple of pounds to a lot more but it is worth buying good quality chocolate. Divine is a brand I like, as it is FairTrade and the cocoa farmers own it. It is widely available and also stocked by Oxfam. There’s also still time to order from our fabulous local chocolatier Urban Village Chocolates in St Margaret’s. 

On the fizz front, I really like the new Martini Rosé Extra Dry (£10.99 from Ocado and Asda) It’s salmon pink in colour and soft with a delicate aroma, featuring notes of wild rose and red fruits plus a touch of black pepper - drier than most sparkling rosés and impressive for the money. Another good, inexpensive, fizz (especially good if you are making a cocktail) is Vuestro, a Spanish sparkler available from the Co-Op at around £6 a bottle. It even comes with a special stopper to preserve the fizz to enjoy later if you only want a glass or two. 

And as for gin, if budget permits, check out this rather nice bottle of ‘mother’s ruin’ stocked in Waitrose and Tesco at around £38. The Botanist is a Scottish gin from the Isle of Islay and unique with 22 hand- foraged, local herbs and flowers distilled with nine classic gin botanicals. Cheers! 

Mrs Foodie

Twickenham Tribune