Chocolate week – it’s getting darker folks! 

Amedei Acero Extra Dark Chocolate 95%

Chocolate week – it’s getting darker folks! 

It’s Chocolate Week from October 15-21 and I like to think I have a pretty fine chocolate palate. I help judge at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, so I know how an award-winning chocolate should taste. You get what you pay for with chocolate, and it is worth indulging yourself. I find that a good dark chocolate isn’t quite so ‘moreish’ - so, in fact, you eat less, and I have discovered some really great companies making fantastic bars. 

One company that I really like is Chocolate and Love. This premium, organic, Fairtrade award-winning chocolate is beautifully packaged and sourced from some of the best chocolate producing areas in the world. It is high in cacao solids and low in sugar, so as well as being delicious, is good for you. All the varieties are great,  but I am a fan of the Creamy Dark – 55% cocoa solids, rich and creamy with cacao nibs that add texture and interest. 

The company is offering readers a 15% discount on all orders via their website – just use the code RTTTCHOCLOVE15 before midnight on 24 December.  Just under £3 for 80g. 

Another company I like is Divine, the only chocolate company in the world which is 100% Fairtrade and owned by cocoa farmers. There is a new organic, vegan range of rich 85% /95% cocoa solids bars, made with cocoa from tropical São Tomé, a forest-covered volcanic island, off the west coast of Africa. Flavour combinations include ginger and turmeric, refreshing lemon, and blueberry and popped quinoa. Available in Ocado, and other retailers at around £3 an 80g bar.

Don’t forget we also have our very own Twickenham-based, multi award-winning, artisan chocolatier in St Margaret’s:
Urban Village Chocolates. Local stockists include Bentall’s, but they are also available online. Urban Village wins the prize for the prettiest bars (see photo of the rose & bergamot one here which is amazing) and their chocolate is really fantastic. 

When it comes to a very dark chocolate bar, Amedei is probably the ‘Rolls Royce’ of them all. Founder Cecilia Tessieri’s love of chocolate and dedication began with an idea and desire to find the world›s best cocoa bean in order to produce the most exquisite chocolate possible. I am fortunate enough to have visited the company’s manufacturing process in Tuscany and Amedei chocolate is amazing. And the company was the first to be awarded the Academy of Chocolate’s Golden Bean Award. Local online fine food company King's Fine Food is one of the best places to buy Amedei and the company has recently launched a new Toscano Black 90% and an Acero Extra Dark Chocolate 95% chocolate bar which both have great ‘length’ and interesting notes. There are also some delicious 90% drops for cooking. Go on, treat yourself ... Christmas will be here soon! 

Mrs Foodie

Twickenham Tribune

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