Work and Play With Chic Accessories

Gold Scarf

If we work hard during the day sometimes we need to chill out in the evening. Heading straight to a pub or restaurant to meet up with friends or colleagues requires us to spice up what we wear for work to fit the altered environment. Fortunately, today’s fashion trends and relaxed dress codes in many workplaces allow us to alter our look just by adding a few eye-catching accessories.  But what’s on trend?

Fashion forecasters say we can expect to see bold jewellry such as sautoirs, extravagant rings, and edgy wrist cuffs. Designers are also offering a variety of scarves in an array of bright colours and prints. And don’t forget to add a striking after-work handbag or clutch.

Transitional Jewellery

The spring and summer is all about baring your finest assets. From sexy, revealing dresses to skimpy, yet chic bathing suits. Naturally, this look is not appropriate for the work environment.

However, you can infuse a little subtle sexiness in your work attire by sporting a sleeveless blouse with a blazer or cashmere cardigan with your wrists adorned with chunky bracelets, bangles, or a sassy wrist cuff. 

Stacked rings are still a major trend this season, with jewellery designers using diverse metals in their ring stacks. This style goes well with both work and after-hours attire because of its simplicity and versatility. It can also be paired with one of the diamond eternity rings at 77Diamonds.

Another new accessory that will be popular this upcoming season is the sautoir necklace. Comprising a long chain or beaded necklace, often decorated with tassels from a detachable or permanent pendant, it is similar to a lavalier but longer and more decadent. This necklace was initially created during the turn of the 19th century to replicate military braids or chains. 

Designers have reprised this necklace by crafting contemporary versions of this style and added details such as long strands of pearls and finishing touches like rhinestones linked together in chains.

Scarves That Work Both Night and Day

Lovely, feminine florals in soft slinky fabrics from last spring and summer have materialized again this spring/summer’s scarves especially. 

Sweet patterns and new, funky eccentric colours are some of the designs popping up. Fashion architects are using linen, silk and pashmina fabrics and incorporating Middle Eastern designs in their scarves. Not only is this neckwear stylish, it is also a good way to keep warm when the air con is chilly.

It's in the Bag

As every fashion-conscious individual knows, a woman's best friend is often her handbag, and with the current brazen handbags and clutches a girl’s purse can also be an outfit’s centerpiece. Clutches especially are a great way to accentuate your look. Whether tucked under your arm or carried leisurely in your hand, a brilliant clutch can make an otherwise plain blazer and skirt set stand out.

Poppy Watt.