Summer Swim Wear

Five Tips To Help You Rock Your Swimwear This Summer

It’s completely natural to feel nervous about wearing a swimsuit for the first time this year, if the thought of exposing more skin than usual fills you with dread, then we are here to help! Looking good doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how you look but more so how you feel. It’s time to take your confidence level from 0 to 100. Don’t hide yourself away in a cover up all summer, it’s time to feel proud of the bodies we are in. Let’s look at 5 tips to get you smiling next time you are in swimwear.

Posture practice

As we have said, it is not all down to diet and exercise to get yourself feeling great this summer. When was the last time to focused on your posture? Not only is it essential for a healthy spine, good posture can also make you look up to 10 pounds lighter. To achieve this, a great tip is to visualise the way the spine moves and focus on engaging your core, untucking your pelvis and dropping your shoulders back, this will help you to stop slouching forwards. Working on maintaining good posture will not only benefit your health but also sky rocket your confidence levels regardless of what you are wearing and where.

Look towards a role model

Hunter McGrady has recently been named as Sports Illustrated 2018 Rookie. McGrady is a UK size 16 and nearly 6ft tall and she rocks a swimsuit like no-one else we’ve seen. Looking towards a role model will really help you to increase your confidence levels both on and off the beach. Other names to look out for are Iskra Lawrence and Kelly Brook

Picking the right suit

It’s fair to say that almost no-one enjoys swimsuit shopping. Our tip for you is all in the preparation, if you feel comfortable in your appearance from the get go you are likely to feel more confident once you start trying on swimwear. Take some time to pamper yourself pre-shopping trip, apply some fake tan, shave your legs, do whatever it takes to make you feel amazing about yourself. It’s also a great idea to spend some time reading a swimsuit guide for every body type, this one from Huffington Post is great and will provide you with a lot of insight into how to chose the right swimsuit for your shape.

It’s also a great idea to take along a trusted friend for advice, but do ensure they are comfortable enough to tell you something you might not want to hear. Once you are out shopping, consider the advice given for dressing for your body suit and grab a variety of options in different sizes and styles to find what works best for you. If in store shopping isn’t for you, pick an online retailer with both a varied range of sizes and features, there is nothing worse than finding your perfect swimsuit to find out their sizes don’t work for you, and an easy returns policy as undoubtedly you will need to send something back. Our picks are Bonmarchè, ASOS  and F&F, who all stock a range of sizes from a UK 6 to UK 26, so there should be something for everyone.

Look after yourself

There is no use trying to convince yourself that you will stick to a strict diet for the next 6 months. We don’t want anybody to even feel like they must lose weight to look better in their swimwear or any clothes for that matter. So, in 2018 instead of listing foods that you shouldn’t be eating, focus on what you should and can enjoy 24/7. Think unprocessed, clean foods and try to avoid processed or fast food as much as you can as these increase your chances of feeling and looking bloated. Choosing foods that make your body feel great on the inside will, in turn, be shown on the outside.

Have the right attitude

Whether you have personally decided to make changes to your body pre-summer, be that diet or exercise related. It’s important to remember summer is supposed to be great fun. Over the winter months, we’ve been tucked up inside (probably chainwatching Netflix), trying our best to stay warm. Summer or your yearly holiday is about warm weather, the sun on your skin and more importantly taking time to relax, be happy and enjoy yourself.

Nobody should ever have swimsuit anxiety so in 2018 relax and don’t put any pressure on yourself to look a certain way and focus on changing how you feel.