Royal Jewellery

Royal Jewellery

Royal Jewellery

Jewellery has been a sign of wealth for many years. In the earlier centuries, however, this money-orientated way of thinking was much more prominent. We used to believe the more expensive your jewel, the more important you were.

Now, we wear jewellery to express ourselves and in 2018, Berganza is one of the finest jewellers you can purchase from. In this article, we’ll go back in time to when these three pieces of jewellery were crafted and how they became part of the Royals.

The Imperial State Crown

The most recognisable piece of jewellery, The Imperial State Crown holds four of the most incredible jewels around. These include:

St Edwards Sapphire

Black Prince’s Ruby

Stuart Sapphire

Cullinan II

These jewels were actually first homed on another crown that Queen Victoria wore. However, due to the damage of the first crown, the jewels were placed on a newly fashioned crown in 1937.

Greville Chandelier earrings

Travelling back to 1947 and we have the Greville Chandelier earrings which were gifted to King George and Queen Elizabeth’s daughter. The princess wore these stunning earrings to many formal events and favoured them over the other priceless pieces of jewellery that she owned.

Cullinan III and IV brooch

It’s 1905 and the diamond that would later become the Cullinan III and IV brooch, has just been discovered. It was dug from the Premier Mine in South Africa and later weighed in at 3,106 carats.

This diamond would also be named the largest gem-quality ever discovered. You can learn about how the diamond became in the hands of the Royal family in the infographic below. So, don’t forget to give it a read before you go!

P.S. Tell us your favourites and why you love them in the comments below. Let’s see which piece of jewellery is the public’s favourite. 

Royal Jewellery