Pala mirror lenses

Pala mirror lenses

Pala mirror lenses

Born from an ideology rooted in ethics and aesthetics.

Not only is it the feel good factor of ‘looking good’ and having the latest fashion accessory there are also many other benefits to wearing sunglasses.

Most people who choose to wear sunglasses do so only to cut down on the sun’s glare. However protecting your eyes can be the key to other health problems, ranging from simply painful or irritated eyes to more serious aliments.

Wearing a pair of high quality sunglasses can help to keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

Choose your glasses wisely: When choosing sunglasses, start by looking for sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. This provides full protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Style is at the forefront of any search for the perfect pair and Women Talking have found this season’s standouts - PALA’s new wave of Mirrored Lenses offering edge and style on these much anticipated summer staples.

For those on the hunt for a classic, keep your eyes peeled for Pala’s Nuru style. Pala have applied a contemporary twist on the classic aviator with angled flash mirror gold lenses, slender temples and luxe gold metal frames. Quality is also a focal point with the frame made of high-density stainless steel with tortoise acetate temple tips. The Nuru also comes in an equally slick silver version.

Banish the old and welcome the new with the striking Zola which offer a modern design sporting a funky pink marble frame, as well as a smoke lens with a silver flash finish. A festival classic that emanates modernity, quality and uniqueness.

Pala Face shape guide, to help you choose your perfect glasses:

Oval Face – Symmetrical both horizontally and vertically, narrowing at the temple and jaw – is the most versatile and suits most styles, from cat eye to aviator.

Square Face – A strong angular face – with equally broad jaw and temples – is softened with curves and suits rounded lenses and frames. Think round, cat eye or aviator.

Heart Face – With a wide temple, which narrows to a pointed chin, heart shaped faces best suit styles that reflect the same shape and widen at the top. Cat eye and Clubmaster styles work well.

Round Face – Round faces, equally tall and wide with a rounded jaw, suit a frame with strong lines that bring angles to the face. Wayfarer and rectangular shapes work best.

Pala are as proud of their sunglass cases as they are about what goes in them. Each one is uniquely handmade by traditional weavers in one of three rural communities in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana. They started life as plastic bags, used water sachets or recycled plastic waste. The plastic is collected, washed, cut into strips, twisted into strands and then woven by hand.

Whilst great design naturally takes priority in your search for the perfect shades, investing in a pair of PALA sunglasses goes beyond what meets the eye. With each pair sold seeing much needed grants provided to create vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes in Africa. The international charity Vision Aid Overseas is dedicated to fighting poverty by transforming access to eye care in developing countries. 640 million people – around 10% of the world’s population – are disadvantaged by poor vision, which in most cases can be solved by the right prescription glasses.

Over the past 30 years, Vision Aid Overseas has provided eye tests and glasses to over one million people worldwide. Improved vision enables children to read and learn, while adults can work and provide for their families.

Each pair is priced at £45 and the full range is available to purchase online here

Poppy Watt.