iStylista by Colour Me Beautiful

Chantelle Znideric

Putting the pleasure back into clothes shopping. A quick, simple process to customize your wardrobe.

Oh to have a personal shopper to take all the stress out of how you dress!

And hey presto! iStylista arrives, your personal online shopper. Just complete a quick questionnaire (about your hair, eye and skin tone colour, as well as your body shape) and you are on your way to pursuing a personalized wardrobe unique to you. 

Chantelle Znideric was doing a lot of online shopping, facing endless choice and wasting valuable time looking for items from her favourite brands on lots of different websites and iStylista was born out of that frustration.

Back in 2007 online shopping was becoming increasingly popular,” says Chantelle. “Personal styling had taken off, with TV celebrity stylists making people more aware of what could be achieved. The notion of saving fashion-focused shoppers’ time and making the online shopping experience more convenient was where the concept was born.

“A good proportion of our shoppers are definitely price sensitive, with a budget, so we make sure there is a good mix of both high street and designer product available – there’s always something for everyone. Over the years we’ve had consistent feedback from our shoppers that if the product is right for them, cost is not necessarily the main issue. Obviously it’s in our interest to get the matches right! 

“We each have our own individual personality which is relevant when using this service. iStylista provides inspiration in the first instance, encouraging you to perhaps consider new colours and clothing styles, or stick to the styles you trust. Most shoppers are savvy when it comes to knowing what they like and dislike so if we can help play a part in making their online shopping more efficient and convenient then the website is doing a good job. There are a lot of fashion websites and online shopping portals to choose from but our shoppers can purchase items in confidence while benefiting from the styling and image expertise that Colour Me Beautiful offers.

“The most common issues women have when shopping for clothes are getting stuck in a style rut and simply get too comfy wearing the same thing, when our bodies change. Secondly, it’s amazing just how little confidence some shoppers have around style and clothing, meaning they don’t enjoy the experience and simply throw in the towel, seeing it as a chore. There is so much choice both on the high street and online and being bombarded with choice makes for a bamboozled shopper. Perhaps most importantly, many of us have a poor understanding of our body shape and the best colours to wear for our natural features.

“Colour plays an important part in our lives. Our best colour palette is dictated by the colour of our hair, eyes and skin tone.  So when hair colour changes – naturally, or not, this is going to be a key factor in the best colours to wear.  Body shapes change too.  Some of us are yo-yo dieters; others having had children find that their waistline hasn’t gone back to its pre-pregnancy shape.  Lifestyles change as well.  From being a career girl with a formal wardrobe, some women choose to work from home when a more relaxed wardrobe is called for.  And then, of course, life brings its own changes – from carefree student, you become a working girl, that working girl may get married, may keep on working and have children, then the children leave home; at every stage, there will be a change of wardrobe. Our aim is to help women every step of the way.

“We are so excited about the collaboration with Colour Me Beautiful. It has really enhanced iStylista’s offering to shoppers. The website has a new fresh feel, and the improved functionality has improved the overall shopping experience. The interface aspects make it much easier for shoppers to navigate the site. The colour element, with shoppers able to actually choose their hair colour, eye colour and skin colour from swatches ensures simplicity and they are shown recommended items in their best colours. There are some exciting plans ahead and we are very much looking forward to achieving great things this year!

“I think we were one of the first online personal styling websites that eliminated choice for consumers and it’s fantastic that we have revamped it with Colour Me Beautiful’s long-standing awareness and expertise.”

So, ever the sceptic, I gave it a go and tried iStylisa myself. Recommendations were perfectly matched to the styles I love to wear and feel comfortable in. I even got my colours pretty much on a par to what they were suggesting. My surprise was the choice, we tend to shop in our faithful store and iStylista has opened my eyes to additional stockists.  I feel a shopping spree coming on!

To start receiving personalized style advice from iStylista by Colour Me beautiful all you have to do is register online via their website 

Poppy Watt