How to choose the right boots

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How To Choose The Right Boots

Every girl needs a pair of amazing boots that they can wear this season. Boots go with jeans, tights, dresses and much more and they can keep you warm in the colder nights. Of course, everyone has a different body type and choosing the right boots can help them accentuate their own personal look. So we have put together a guide on the styles of boots that will help you elevate your style. 

Slim Legs

Do you find that you have very naturally skinny legs? Not a problem, plenty of different boots types suit slimmer frames. However, if you are looking to look curvier, not all styles will help. This is why over-the-knee boots look amazing on those with slim legs. They can add a bit of curve while keeping your legs looking slim at the same time. The good news is that over-the-knee boots are seriously on trend right now and you’ll find plenty of amazing pairs in your favourite shops. Try to opt for suede if you want a classier look. But bear in mind, those suede boots can get dirty very quickly. 


For those with a more athletic frame and have muscular legsto show, you’ll find that you need to be a bit choosier about your boot. This is often because of all of the hard work that you have done to make your legs look amazing and so you won’t want to cover them up with over-the-knee boots. For the fit and athletic people, we recommend that you try some ankle boots like these from Dune London. Ankle boots with a heel can dress up any outfit and you’ll look amazing in them. On top of this, the heel will help to contract the muscles in your leg so it’s win-win! Don’t be afraid to buy some ankle boots this season for a warm, stylish addition to your outfit.


For those who are taller and want to tone down their height a little, go for a flatter boot. Of course, on the other hand – you could rock an amazing pair of medium-height heeled boots, instead. Ankle boots or flat knee- high boots can work really well for taller women. These will help to show off your amazingly long legs and you’ll love stepping out this season in some amazing looking boots. Think about going for a flatter boot for something a little different.

Stout Legs

Not everyone has incredibly long legs, some of us are on the smaller side and our legs are a little stout. Of course, there are many different options for those with stout legs in terms of boots and heels are most definitely on the cards. If you want to create the appearance of looking a little taller then we recommend that you go for boots that are quite short like ankle boots. Over-the-knee boots won’t make you look taller and you would probably want to avoid knee-high boots. Get your hands on some ankle boots with a heel if you want to add some definition to your legs and make yourself look amazing for this winter season. 


If you are a someone who would rather be a little taller, then a boot with a relatively large heel is going to be the one for you. As someone who is petite, you should make sure that you think about the length and shape of your legs. If you have long legs, then you can probably get away with wearing some over-the-knee boots and they’ll look incredible. However, if you find that your legs are a little shorter than most then you may want to try something different. We recommend ankle boots as they can make your legs look longer and you’ll be able to rock them. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your heel choice. 

Final Verdict

Everyone has a different shape and style that works best for them. When you are choosing your new pair of boots, you should always think about how they are going to look on youas an individual and how they will best accentuate your own personal look. Making yourself look amazing can be as easy as choosing a really flattering pair of boots so make sure that you take all of the advice that we have given you on board. Once you know what you are more like,  you can go ahead and choose your new favourite pair of boots which we are sure you’ll look amazing in this season.

Poppy Watt