Four Reasons The Watch Is Making A Comeback

Wrist Watch

US-based National Public Radio (NPR) suggested back in 2010 that the watch was poised to make a comeback as a fashion accessory. Indeed, worldwide sales numbers that year exceeded anything the industry had seen in the previous 15. Things have not slowed down since. People are now buying wristwatches for both function and fashion.

So what is driving the new watch craze in the midst of the smartphone generation? That depends on whom you ask. Some would suggest that it's no longer en vogue to pull out your smartphone to find out what time it is. Doing so is considered a sign of being inexorably tethered to your device. Others say we have become so accustomed to digital timepieces on our electronic devices that we just ignore them.

From our perspective, there are four primary reasons the watch is making a comeback:

1. New Fashion Sense

Let's be honest; watchmakers of old concentrated almost all their efforts on functionality and reliability. The combination of more reliable components and lower prices now allows makers to put a good deal of effort into fashion. We believe this new fashion sense is the number one driving force behind rising watch sales. Designer watches are the new must have item for todays millennial generation more information available from this website.

Today's timepieces come in an almost unlimited variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. What's more, they are very affordable. Anyone with good fashion sense can purchase multiple watches for various occasions. One can be for day-to-day work, another can be worn with your casual weekend clothes while a third is perfect for an elegant night on the town in that little black dress.

2. Effortless Portability 

Fashion sense aside, people wear wristwatches because they want quick and uninhibited access to the current time. The watch offers effortless portability in a way no other device can provide. For example, using your smartphone as your primary timepiece requires you to pull the phone out of your handbag or pocket when you want to know the time. With the watch, a simple turn of the wrist does the trick.

The effortless portability of the watch is easily seen when compared to the laptop or tablet computer as well. A watch is certainly more portable than either of those other two devices and, unlike the wall clocks hanging in public places, as easy to find as your own hand. A watch gives you instant access to the current time with little to no effort. Some more good reading on this here.

3. Real Affordability  

The best wristwatches of old were those that could stand up to day-to-day punishment while still functioning properly and looking good. They were costly too. So much so, that the average person could afford to invest in only one quality timepiece. Today, things have changed. There are plenty of high-quality wristwatches that are also affordable.

As with any other consumer product, pricing structures are important with watches. Any company that can make a good quality timepiece at an affordable price is one that has something to sell. Today's affordability is undoubtedly contributing to increased watch sales.

4. New Technology

Lastly, new technology is making it possible to marry one's smartphone to a wristwatch. With a Bluetooth enabled watch, a person can remain connected without having to be constantly holding a smartphone in the hand. This increases the phone's functionality by allowing the user to still work with it even though it remains in a pocket. It is the best of both worlds.

Watches are making a comeback as a fashion accessory. If you do not own one, it is probably only a matter of time before that changes. There are far too many choices to continue on the sidelines for long.

George R Vaughan