A Fashion peek at the New Season

The look this season

Ready or not, here comes the new fashion season.

This autumn and winter brings a return of classics like tweed and tartan, new twists on feminine pieces, with lace all a froth and some surprises too.

Classics: Tweeds and Checks

The autumn’s heritage fabrics haven’t changed in thelselves, it's all about how you wear them. Don't be shy, go for head-to-toe elegance if you like this look but take care with your accessories to make sure you stay looking current. If you like something a little more dramatic and creative, mix your traditional textures with other fabrics like leather or add a bit of shimmer.

Consider also the weight of the fabric and how it works with your shape.  Can you wear a stiff fabric or should you find a softer material? The popular pieces will be those most versatile, but stretch your imagination beyond grey or brown. Red tartan can be a winner in winter as it provides colour oomph.

Which to choose for your colouring?

LIGHT: You will enjoy wearing elegant light grey tweed but mix it with petrol or violet shades to bring in more colour.
DEEP: Pine, navy and black tartan will make a great coat investment.
WARM: Brown tweeds come alive against your colouring. Mix with vibrant amber or teal.
COOL: Find a staple in purple tweed. It will go with everything.
CLEAR: You can wear bold shades so enjoy bright red or green in tartan.
SOFT: Invest in a tweed skirt, jacket or suit in light periwinkle/violet.

New twists on a feminine fabric: gorgeous lace dresses

The lace dress is one of THE investment pieces for the new season. Lace always looks feminine and this season there are more attractive designs than ever in a broad range of cuts and colours. Whether you choose a striking red or black dress for evening wear or a vibrant blue or delicate lavender that you can wear to lunch with the girls, you can buy now and wear through to the spring.

The black lace dress is always the most popular. If you want black but it doesn't look great on you, choose one with a low neckline or even strapless, this means the black won't be so close to your face. Chiffon at the top of the dress also softens the shade. Accessorise according to your colouring to lift the black.

Your best lace dress shades:

LIGHT: Light teal will look striking on you. For something softer, try grey lace with chiffon over a pale shade such as light periwinkle.
DEEP: You wear black best of all the colourings so make the most of the classic black lace dress. Choose deep red or rich burgundy for eye-catching colour.
WARM: Dark navy is your black. For a statement shade, go for turquoise or emerald green or a bronze overlay.
COOL: Cerise or royal blue are your statement colours. Bright periwinkle will look more subtle.
CLEAR: Go for bold red or emerald. If you want black choose something with contrast such as lace overlay on a coloured fabric, or with added shimmer in silver or gold.
SOFT: Choose geranium or claret. These are softer shades of red, which will look as striking on you as the bold reds do on a Clear.

Pink coats for winter

Who would have thought we would get excited about pink for winter? And pastel pink at that! It is a little surprising, especially as coats need to see us through a few winters, not just a fashion season. However, there is something refreshing about seeing pretty pastel pink and vibrant fuchsia among the usual dark autumn shades. Pink is an ultra-feminine shade and hot pink is a great mood booster, so why not?

The pale pinks aren't practical for mucky British weather and not everyone would opt for this girly shade, but if you like pink you’ll be tempted. Will it still be current next winter? Possibly not. If you like the look but feel it's not a good investment, don't worry, there will be plenty at the lower price range. So you can feel good without feeling guilty in your pretty pink coat.

Which shade of pink should you choose?

LIGHT: The pastel pink coats were made for you!
DEEP: Blush pink works for both warm and cool skin tones. Deeps with cool skin tones can wear bold cyclamen or fuchsia.
COOL: Pink is a wow shade for you so enjoy wearing hot pink, cyclamen and fuchsia. If you like softer shades choose candy or blush pink.
WARM: As pink is a cool shade, you are best to avoid wearing it, especially close to the face. Go for apricot or orange-red instead.
CLEAR: As with the Deeps, blush pink works for both cool and warm tones and is strong enough to compliment your colouring. If your skin tones are cool, then choose the bold pinks; fuchsia, hot pink etc.
SOFT: Candy is just right for you, not too pale and not to bold; cool skin tones can take cooler shades in icy or powder pink.

Focus on the LIPS: how to create a full pout

Look to your lips this autumn, care for them and don’t shy away from wearing strong-ish colours in the gloom of wintry weather. Want to create a fuller pout? Here's how:

* Gently pat a layer of lip base all over the lips.
* Apply lip pencil in a shade that matches your lipstick colour. Start with the outline and make it bold. Colour in the rest of the lips.
* Take a lip brush and apply lipstick evenly. Blot. Apply another layer of lipstick. Blot again.
* Apply lip gloss to the centre of your lips.
* Uneven lips: only apply gloss to the narrower lip to make it look fuller.
* Thin lips: for extra fullness add a touch of iridescent highlighter to the cupids bow to give the illusion of a fuller top lip.

Buy your lip base, lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss for a fairly economical fashion boost for the new season.  Research shows that when the economy is down lipstick sales go up, so it’s obviously a bug boost to the way we feel without breaking the bank!

Poppy Watt