Citrus Shades this Summer

Citrus And White Combo

Orange, lemon and lime are not just adding zest in the kitchen or on the drinks tray this summer, they are the colours on the High Street.

You’ll find shades between the obvious orange, lemon and lime, like primrose, daffodil, light gold, tangerine, pumpkin, bittersweet, orange red and coral but how to make the most of this pallet and add a little va-va-va voom?

Citrus shades are essentially suited to warm skin tones but don't worry, there are alternative ideas for the cooler skin tones too!

How can YOU wear these shades? 

Before figuring out if yellows and oranges look great on you, look at the fabric of the garment. Yellows and oranges on wool, cotton or linen, for example, will look flatter and matt.

There are various ways to wear your citrus shades this season; Louis Vuitton mixed it with white this season to great effect. To help you work some summery citrus shades into your wardrobe, colourmebeautiful have created three options for each dominant palette: citrus with a neutral, citrus as through colour (the same colour in different shades top-top-toe) and two bold citrus colours together.

Citrus combinations for LIGHTS

If you are light (light blond hair, pale transparent skin, pale eyes; think Gwyneth Paltrow) keep your yellows as pale as possible: ivory with a hint of yellow or a light primrose will be best. Wearing two light colours together is the prerogative of the lights among us.

Citrus combinations for DEEPS

If you are a deep with dark hair and dark eyes (like Michelle Obama or Victoria Beckham) wear lemon yellow and tangerine in contrast with black or chocolate brown for a great look, or on its own for greater impact.

Citrus combinations for WARMS

If you are warm (your hair will be any shade from strawberry blonde to auburn like, for example, Tilda Swinton or Tara Banks) you are born to wear yellows, oranges and limes. Don't be shy, embrace these colours and make them your own.

Alternative to citrus shades for COOLS

If you are cool (like Dames Judy Dench and Helen Mirren) steer clear of yellow and orange. If you simply love these colours, inject them into a print mixed with your best colours (blues and pinks), or in an accessory away from your face.

Blues and pinks are to the cool colourings what limes and yellows are to the warm colourings. So, here we've put together some alternative combinations for all you cool colourings to brighten up your wardrobe this summer.

Citrus combinations for CLEAR colourings

If you have dark hair, and bright eyes (think The Duchess of Cambridge, or Ophrah Winfrey) you would be a clear. A bright yellow or bright orange on a shiny fabric (silk, taffeta) will emphasise your bright eyes and show clarity in your look. Wear it in contrast with any neutral shades, or another shade to recreate that brightness.

Citrus combinations for SOFT colourings

If you don't easily fit into the above categories, you are likely to be a soft colouring (you probably highlight your hair and don't have much definition between your hair, eye and skin tone: think Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston). You need to keep you citrus shades light.

Soft & Warm colourings can also wear light peach/peach shades and soft and cools can opt for their pinks and purples instead.

If citrus shades are not for you...

If yellows, limes and oranges are not you (ie. do not appear in your best colour palette) or you are shy of wearing brighter colours, don't worry, a printed scarf with a little of the no-no colours included will look fab tied around the handle of your bag or on a printed shoe. You could also add a bracelet in these colours to show that you know what is current.

Personality also comes into play when wearing brighter colours. If you don't want to stand out like a NYC cab - don't wear your citrus shades head to toe but as a print.

So, try a little citrus to add tang to your tastic.

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Poppy Watt