Celebrity Spring Fashion Trends & Recommendations

Heather Hahn

With Summer just right around the corner, now is a good time to mix up both your spring and summer clothes to get the best of both worlds, and more then a 'one time use' out of your spring clothing.

Every new season, there are constantly new trends emerging, whether it would be an old trend coming back into place, or perhaps a new trend that everyone is frankly unaware of.

Here are a few new spring/summer trends that i've really been noticing recently:

The Kimono Inspired Jacket

This look is great for transitioning from office wear to everyday wear. If you have to leave the office for an important 'casual' event happening, you could immediately pull this look off with the Kimono Jacket.

A New Breed Of Overalls

Overalls were one of those fashion statements that was popular way back in the day. Now overalls have a completely and totally entire new comeback. Instead of regular traditional overalls, we are now seeing a 'faux leather' overall trend occurring, and it actually really makes a bold statement.

The Trend Of Color Blocking

Who knew that color blocking would ever even be a trend of its own? Now Color Blocking is a huge trends among celebrities like 'Blake Lively', and other red carpet A-listers.

If you go with the right colors, and right color hues, you can totally pull this off as a spring/summer look.

With these new trends occurring this Spring/Summer, and 'poping' up the red carpet, give one of these looks a try, and see for yourself if you can catch a few eyes.

Until next season....

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Heather Hahn