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Can You Choose a Bridesmaid Dress as Your Wedding Gown?

Probably the single best thing about getting married today is that the “wedding rules” have been redefined so dramatically that almost anything (in good taste) goes. If choosing a bridal gown has been difficult for you, or if you’ve never really envisioned wearing a formal wedding dress, you have options!

Bridesmaid dresses come in so many different styles and colours that it is well within reason that you could choose one as your perfect wedding gown. Maybe you just want a simple, sleek floor-length dress in white for your elopement. Or, perhaps your casual beach wedding calls for something short and fun. Maybe white just isn’t your colour, and you really want something more avant-garde like black or hot pink when you strut down the aisle. Whatever your motivation and whatever your style, a bridesmaid gown as a wedding dress is definitely an option to consider.

So, when might you choose a bridesmaid dress as your wedding gown?

Destination Weddings

As a practical consideration, destination brides must transport their gowns from home to the wedding site and it can be easier to accommodate a sleek bridesmaid dress than a royal ball gown as a carry-on item – you do want a stress-free trip after all!

If the destination wedding is an elopement, there might not be someone available to help with dressing, ruling out super complicated styles with lots of buttons or lacing.

The site of a destination ceremony or reception may simply be more conducive to a shorter or more casual style of dress. In all of these cases, the perfect wedding gown might actually be a bridesmaid dress.

Beach Weddings

Beach bridesmaid dresses can be the perfect alternative to traditional wedding gowns. A tea-length dress in white or blush, or something totally tropical like turquoise or yellow makes navigating through the sand much easier, and looks right at home in front of palm trees and breaking waves. Even full-length bridesmaid dresses can be more comfortable and more appropriate on the sand depending on the formality and style of your wedding.

Second (Third, or More!) Weddings

While plenty of brides who are remarrying go all out and get the perfect traditional white bridal gown, others want something a bit different for their new I Dos. Bridesmaid dresses in off-white, ivory or blush are all popular options for remarriages, as are white bridesmaid dresses in various lengths.


Elopements are fundamentally intimate affairs, and most do not call for a full-scale bridal gown with cathedral-length train. It’s common for brides who are eloping to reject “bridal-looking” gowns altogether. Still seeking something special, though, they have lots of beautiful options in our bridesmaid dresses.

Wardrobe Changes

Lately we have seen more brides make wardrobe changes throughout their wedding days. They might start out in formal wedding gowns, but change for the reception into a stunning white bridesmaid dress, and again at departure into something fun and complementary to their wedding colours.

Budget Weddings

Sometimes wedding budgets are restrictive and even very reasonable wedding dresses are out of reach. Bridesmaid dresses come in enough styles and at enough different price points that every bride should be able to find something she loves at a price she can afford.

Whether your personal style simply dictates that you wear a dress more suitable to your individuality, or you need a versatile dress to meet another individual wedding needs, choosing a bridesmaid dress as your wedding gown is a great option to explore.